How to Apply Eyeliner

How to Apply Eyeliner

how to apply eyeliner, kandee johnsonSo you want to know how to apply eyeliner? That puts you right smack in the majority of our readers:) We are full of eyeliner ideas and to share. Our goal is to scan the globe for the most beautiful eyeliner looks, both past and present, so that you can have simple eyeliner at your disposal 24/7. Your eyes, fierce and flawless, bold and beautiful, glam and gorgeous. The windows to your soul at their very best depth and intensity.

Today’s how to do winged eyeliner tutorial is from our beautiful Kandee Johnson. You’re going to love it! There is no denying Kandee’s outer beauty, but you will see that her most beautiful trait is her kind and generous heart. She is fun, energetic, encouraging, and smart. Not only will you learn how to create a beautiful everyday makeup look, you will have fun and feel happy and uplifted.

How to Apply Eyeliner – Everyday Makeup Look

This makeup tutorial is a part of Kandee’s series on everyday makeup based on your favorite Disney princesses. This is not a costume tutorial, but rather teaching you how to make your eyes look big and exotic, and how to sculpt and contour your cheekbones to look more like Pocahontas, one of our favorite Disney characters. We love that she is strong and brave, and that she would sacrifice herself because of love.

*Please thank Kandee Johnson for this and all of her awesome makeup tutorials by subscribing to her YouTube channel!!

Things you need:


  • This is the best blending tool and will make your make your makeup smooth and gorgeous.


  • Grab your favorite liquid foundation and apply all over your face and neck to even your skin tone. Blend well.


  • Apply your favorite concealer to cover any dark shadows under your eyes and any red areas around your nose and mouth, or anywhere you see little red imperfections. Apply to your eyelids as an eyeshadow primer.


  • Apply a foundation that is a few shades darker than you skin tone as contour makeup. Follow Kandee’s instructions at 1:32 on the video.


  • With your Beauty Bender, apply the powder to set the foundation and concealer.


  • After powdering, grab your contour powder, it can even be an eyeshadow, and go over the contour cream for just a bit more definition to those cheek bones.


  • Mix a light, nude, peachy color with a warm, light camel color, and apply to your entire eyelid.
  • Apply a warm, light color to the center of the lids.
  • Create a hint of a crease with a light, chocolatey brown and blend away.


  • You will need a black eyeshadow and an angle brush. *Follow along with Kandee to create this awesome eyeshade as she teaches you how to apply eyeliner at 3:50 on the video.
  • Retrace those steps with an inky black cream eyeliner if you want more intensity like Kandee has in this video.
  • With a black, waterproof eyeliner pencil

    , line your waterline. The black eyeshadow will act as a barrier to keep it from running or melting away.


  • If you want to replicate Pocahontas, use a an auburn eyebrow powder, or you can use a brown eyeshadow powder.*Follow along with Kandee at 7:20 to get the perfect eyebrow makeup.


  • Add a bit of warmth and glow by dabbing a little peach colored blush to your cheeks.


  • Curl you eyelashes if you need to, and add little black mascara.


  • Apply a coral lip color to your lips.
  • Top with a nude rosy color to get the correct shade.
  • Line your lips with a brown lip liner.
  • Tap a light peach color eyeshadow on top with your finger to complete the lip look.



  • Take your black matte eyeliner and really make those eyes pop like Kandee does at 9:55.


  • Use a light highlighter or shimmery eyeshadow to highlight the tops of the cheekbones to really make them stand out and catch the light.

Have fun learning how to apply eyeliner with the gorgeous Kandee Johnson! She’s the bomb, and so are you!

Go out and shine that beautiful light that is in your heart! That is the truest form of beauty. That inner light makes everyone more beautiful and helps everyone around you feel loved and special. What a great gift you have to give away!

Happy beautiful life!



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