How to Apply Foundation

how to apply foundation, kandee johnsonHow to Apply Foundation

 How to apply foundation – Things you need

  Moisturizer and Primer

Since the Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation is a matte foundation, you will not want to skip your moisturizer or primer because they will plump and hydrate your skin. Your perfect foundation will last beautifully, all day long.

  Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation in your skin tone

You can go to any Clinque makeup counter, Ulta, or Sephora, and have them match your makeup to your skin. This makeup foundation covers so well that you won’t need concealer, but you can use some to brighten under your eyes if you want.

A Beauty Blender

You won’t want to use the applicator that comes with the foundation or you will be sorely disappointed with the look of it on your skin. The Beauty Blender is the perfect tool for applying and creating the flawless makeup that is desired. You will be perfectly smooth, like a porcelain doll.

A Loose Power

Dust all over your face to set the beautiful work you have done.

 There you go! Everything you need to know about how to apply foundation!

Have you ever been told that your makeup isn’t properly blended, or that your foundation match is way off from your natural skin tone, or that you would make a great model if it wasn’t for that nose? How about when someone says “oh, you changed your hair!” Or, my personal favorite, “you look so different in person!”

What does that even mean? Why do we work so hard to create a perfect foundation for our makeup when, perhaps we nee to be spending more time working on our perfect foundation that makes us truly beautiful. That would be the beauty of a loving heart.

My beautiful sister in law looks like a movie star. She is often mistaken for lovelies such as Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Uma Thurman. I can’t tell you how many times I have been watching a movie and thinking how much the gorgeous star looks like Amy.

Yet this beautiful woman was approached by someone who actually told her that she would make a great model if it weren’t for her nose. Seriously! So a young girl with a perfectly beautiful nose grew up things something was wrong with her looks. She is so gorgeous that she has to play her looks down in order for girls to like her. Isn’t that a sad thing?

The same thing happens to Kandee time and time again. Why is it that beautiful women are often the target that her women shoot at? Instead, perhaps we can join together and lift each other up!  We can encourage one another to grow in the truest form of beauty by letting our inner lights shine so bright that we become blindingly beautiful, flawless makeup or not.

I am thankful for all of the makeup tutorials brought to us by talented makeup artists like Kandee. I have become much better at matching my skin tone and blending my foundation since the day that lady brought my lack of talent to my attention. though it embarrassed me at the time, I am thankful for the opportunity to better myself. fortunately the lesson has gone deeper than learning how to apply foundation. It was one more step on my way to shoeing kindness at all times.

Have fun learning how to apply foundation with Kandee, and while you’re at it, send her a kind comment, thanking her for sharing her beautiful heart with all of us!

Women united for beauty – body, mind, and spirit! Love!








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