How to Contour Makeup

How to Contour Makeup

how to contour makeup, kandee johnsonWant to see an awesome makeup transformation that will show you what amazing things you can to do by learning how to contour makeup Contouring makeup is an art, and with the right contouring makeup kit, you can shadow and highlight you face to showcase your best features. With contour makeup (LINK0, you can even change your own face to look like someone else.

Who do you think this is in the picture? Angelina Jolie or Kandee Johnson? Guys!! Believe it or not, it’s Kandee! Isn’t that crazy? Check out the side by side photo! Kandee is definitely the queen of makeup transformations!

This makeup contouring tutorial by Kandee will blow your mind, as she turns herself into the gorgeous Angelina Jolie. Ok, we realize that Kandee is gorgeous to begin with, and maybe we all can’t transform ourselves into Angelina Jolie, but Kandee does give us some great contour makeup tips that we can use to sculpt our own faces when we want to feel a bit more glam! Check out this contour makeup tutorial how- to contour --makeup - 2and prepare to be amazed!

Kandee has become an icon in the world of makeup transformations. She is on the rise in the world of makeup, fashion, and YouTube. She has over 3 million subscribers to her You Tube channel, and we would like to help her increase that number. If you haven.t subscribed yet, go and do that as a thank you to Kandee for all her hard work!

Enjoy watching as Kandee show us how to contour makeup!

Isn’t that amazing! she looks more like Angelina than Angelina does! If you want to have a go at looking like you’ve had Angelina Jolie plastic surgery, I will give you list of everything you need to follow along with Kandee! Have fun! May your creative juices flow!

*You can also skip all of the makeup contouring steps and just apply the beautiful makeup look!

How to Contour Makeup

Things Kandee Used:

  • BEAUTY BLENDER – For smooth and perfect application.
  • YSL Teint Eclat Foundation
  • You can use whatever foundation you have on hand.
  • Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation
  • Multi-Color Palette
  • RCMA VK #11 Palette
  • You can use your won palette with comparable colors
  • Use your favorite plumb rose color on your cheeks
  • Hoola From Benefit
  • You can use whatever you have. An eyeshadow that matches Kandee’s contouring powder will work in a pinch.
  • Ben NYE Glam Palette
  • Urban Decay Smoked Palette
  • Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick Liquid Eyeliner
  • You can use you own black liquid eyeliner
  • Salon Perfect Individual Lash Starter Kit:
  • Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Chocolate
  • You can use whatever chocolatey brown you have on hand.
  • LIPS
  • Perfect Nude lip liner from TooFaced
  • Makeup Forever lip liner in 7Sea
  • Brown Eyeliner
  • Nude, flesh colored lipstick
  • Nude lip gloss
  • Pretty Please lipstick from MAC, or any very light nude pinky color you have.
  • Flat brush and very light, bright concealer for highlighting your lips.
  • Shimmery white eyeshadow color
  • Light colored highlighting powder


There you go my beauties! Have fun exploring what you can do while you learn how to contour makeup! It’s fun and creative! Let your creative juices flow!

Happy beautiful life!



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