How to do Winged Eyeliner

How to do Winged Eyeliner

how to do winged eyelinerOne of our most asked questions from you, our awesome readers, is how to do winged eyeliner. A beautifully lined eye has been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians, making its mark for thousands of years, and for good reason! It’s a beautiful look that helps us girls feel fierce and fabulous! Anything that helps boost our ability to feel like taking on the challenges of the day is fine by me. You guys are so beautiful just as you are, but I have to say, on those occasions that I wear a pretty wing, I do feel quite glam. I’ll bet you do too!

So you want to get on your glam and knock ‘em dead with those amazing eyes of yours? Turns out, winged eyeliner looks fantastic on everyone, no matter what shape your eyes are! This look is so sexy and beautiful! Women through the ages have opted for the definition of a lined eye. Even when it goes out of style for a short season, it always makes a strong come back, so we have decided to really get on the band wagon and bring you as many looks as we can. We have also found several ways to simplify application, making it accessible to everyone, no matter your makeup skills or your allotted get ready time! Check and check!!!

Winged Eyeliner – Why We Love It

  • Elongates the eyes
  • Makes eyes appear larger
  • Sexy and Alluring
  • Makes eyes appear lifted
  • Defines the eyes
  • Accents the beauty of the eyes
  • It’s beautiful!!!

How to do Winged Eyeliner – Easy Tutorial


  • Start with a perfect foundation


  • Curl your lashes
  • Take a black eyeliner pencil and draw a v-shape from the inner corner of you upper lashes to the inner corner of your lower lashes, going inside the lash line.
  • Drag your pencil right along the upper lash line three quarters of the way.
  • Place a dot at the outer part of the eye, where you wish to end your wing.
  • At the three quarter mark, begin to leave the lash line and draw the line outward and upward to meet the point you have drawn.
  • Fill in the v to your desired shape.
  • Clean up any mishaps with a q tip dipped in moisturizer or eye makeup remover.
  • Line the waterline and join up, into the V.
  • Now that you have your basic shape, draw the upper line as thick as you want it, to add more drama, filling the wing as you desire.
  • Line the lower lash line, just below the waterline, to bring more drama and definition to your cat eye shape.
  • Blend with a soft shadow brush.
  • Go inside the upper waterline to add drama.
  • Do the other eye, beginning at the outer point so that you can be sure to make the eyes match.


  • Apply a lot of black mascara in an outward and upward stroke, to really thicken and lengthen your lashes.


  • Apply a mineral powder bronzer into the hollow beneath  your cheekbones, up into the temples to give your face a bit of definition.
  • Add a bit a the forehead, just below your hairline.


  • Line your lips with a flesh tone lip liner
  • Top with a neutral lip stick

There you go! Fabulous and flawless! You are beautifully set to go have a wonderful day or evening. Put on your inner beauty, and shine your light! Have a great time, doing what you do!

You are gifted and amazing, and you are on the earth for a reason. Seek your purpose and find your passion. Live for something bigger than yourself and you will find true joy! If you want to know more about how to be your best self, check out our inner beauty section. Live life to the fullest!!

Happy beautiful life!!!


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