How to Get White Teeth Fast

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How to Get White Teeth Fast

If you are looking for how to get white teeth fast, then Kandee is your girl! Her teeth are always gleaming white, adding to her vivacious and sparking presence. One way to really turn up your glam is to whiten your teeth. Check out Kandee’s tutorial on how to use Crest white Strips for your whitest, brightest smile!

How to Get Teeth White Fast

By Kandee Johnson on Incline

How to Whiten Your Teeth with Crest White Strips


  • Purchase two hour Crest White Strips.
  • Open the package and peel off the upper teeth strip.
  • Carefully stretch the strip to fit over your teeth.
  • Apply the product side down, pressing with your fingers to cover your entire upper teeth.
  • Press the strip into the spaces between your teeth, where discoloration tends to really show up.
  • Repeat on bottom teeth.
  • Leave the strips on for two hours.
  • Remove crest white strips
  • Rinse and gently brush teeth to remove all residue.
  • SMILE :)

No worries if your teeth feel a little sensitive afterwards. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth can really help calm down those post whitening sensitivities. If you need to spread your treatments out, that works just as well. Try spacing them 2 or 3 days apart if you find every day doesn’t work for you.

Be sure to follow directions! Use only as often as the instructions tell you. For most people, one full treatment makes a huge difference. You might require just a single, one day touchup once in a while to keep those fantastic results!

Compared to the cost of professional teeth whitening treatments, almost anyone can save enough money to purchase a box of Crest Whitening Strips. Just skip a few trips to Starbucks, and you are there! Skip that morning cup of coffee? Oh, the price we will pay to look our best!

Have fun dazzling the world with that beautiful smile!


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