How to Make A Smoothie

how to make a smoothie, kandee johnsonHow to make a smoothie

Want to know how to make a smoothie? Well look no further! We have got a great healthy protein smoothie for you that you can have for your breakfast or even your post workout meal. I love to have my protein smoothie for breakfast and I love to fill it full of great things like greens and berries and hemp seeds and almond milk. That’s things give my body the energy it needs to feel vibrant and healthy, and it helps me power through my day or my work out with a positive and happy attitude.

Turns out that learning how to make a smoothie is easy breezy! I have to do is make sure that you have a few simple ingredients. For this smoothie recipe, you will need some berries some almond milk some greens either spinach or kale, and some protein powder. If you want an extra burst of energy you can also include your favorite coconut water in it which also helps us to be a great great for providing electrolytes and hydration.

How to Make a Smoothie

I love that my breakfast smoothies begin my day with the fuel that my body needs. It contains proteins calcium other vitamins and minerals that I need for healthy day the greens the berries that the nuts and seeds all provide sustained energy that my body needs to be at the very best fiber and healthy self The protein gives me sustained energy that lasts through the morning and also helps me maintain a healthy weight. Studies are showing that women who eat eggs way protein for breakfast instead of carb choices like bagels and cereal, have smaller waistlines than those who do.

I try to make either a healthy omelette, or my favorite protein pancake recipe, or to have my healthy smoothie. The great news is that when I have my protein breakfast and I keep my carbs on the low-end for breakfast, I feel great all morning, with sustained energy, and I don’t hit the snack machine by 10 o’clock for unhealthy snacks. So my body has begun to create healthy snacks, clean eating meals.

I enjoy my healthy smoothie recipe for my post workout meal. After I hit the gym, or my yoga class, or if I’ve just been gardening really hard- whatever I’ve done for my morning workout, I refuel my body with the great nutrition of the greens, and berries, the anti-inflammatory qualities of the seeds and healthy fats, and the muscle repairing metabolism sustaining blood sugar controlling, protein that I put into my smoothie.

If you want to know what I do for my pre-workout, I love to have cold brew coffee mixed with my favorite low sugar coconut water.  This is a great pre-workout that gives me the energy that I need, hydrates me well ,and fills my body with the electrolytes that I will lose through sweating. It’s important to rehydrate and replace those minerals that are lost through sweating. Coconut water is a great source of nutrients for your body. The caffeine in the coffee supplies a little extra energy to boost you through your workout.

I love to have this healthy protein smoothie as my post workout to refuel my muscles with the protein powder. The berries give me quick energy and supply my muscles with nutrients that they need to keep me from being so sore the next day.

I hope you have fun learning how to make a smoothie with this awesome vide. Enjoy!!!



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