How to Whiten Teeth

How to Whiten Teeth

how to whiten teeth, kandee johnsonOne of the best makeup tips we can give you is to teach you how to whiten your teeth. Nothing is more beautiful than a glowing white toothed smile. Your smile tells a lot about your personality, so why not try the best teeth whitening available for your budget?

One of the whitest and prettiest smiles around belongs to Kandee Johnson. Her teeth just gleam. We all know that  certain lipstick colors can make your teeth look whiter or not so white, but I’ve yet to see any color dampen the white beauty of Kandee’s smile. If you want to know her dyi teeth whitening secret, tune in to the following video where Kandee reveals the process she has used for years!

Not only does this product give Kandee amazing pearly whites, it is cheap!

How much does teeth whitening cost?

That’s a great question! It depends on your chosen method.

  • Professional dentist office whitening – the average cost is $650. You will get great results, but it will cost you!
  • Whitening strips – These cost less than $100 and they really work. To get professional results, you may have to use 2 boxes, consider that extra cost possibility.
  • Kandee’s method – Less than $10!!!!!!

She used to work for an orthodontist, making bleaching trays to fit people. They would pay hundreds of dollars, but Kandee will show you how to make your teeth bleaching trays for under $1!

Yes, you can afford to get your teeth really white, right in the privacy of your own home!

*Here is Kandee’s video showing you how to whiten teeth fast!


How to Whiten Your Teeth

Things you need :

  • One Wilson’s football mouthguard – you can find it any Walmart or sporting good store.
  • A mug or bowl, full of water
  • A spoon
  • Plus white tooth whitening system – find it at Walmart
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss

How to make your teeth whitening tray:

  • Place the bowl or mug of water in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes. (you want it to be boiling).
  • Carefully remove the mug/bowl from the microwave, using protection so you don’t burn your hands.
  • Dunk the mouth guard into the water and hold it under with your spoon.
  • Once wobbly and bendy, remove from the water.
  • Place it on your teeth and suck it to them, creating a tightly fitting tooth tray.
  • You should see the shape of your teeth etched into the tray.
  • Cut away the excess.
  • Brush and floss your teeth.
  • Place a good coating of the Plus White Tooth product on your teeth, filling the in between parts too.
  • Place the tray over your teeth.
  • Leave on for 5 minutes.
  •  Don’t swallow any of it! Spit it out if it seeps out of the mouthguard.
  • Take it out
  • Brush the tray clean
  • One teaspoon of the rinse to 2 teaspoons of rinsing solution.
  • Do not use on braces.
  • Won’t lighten crayons or veneers.


There you go beauties! Fabulously white teeth in a flash! Now that you know how to whiten teeth without breaking the bank, all it takes is a little bit of effort. The payoff is huge, so get those gorgeous teeth as white as you can and go out and smile at someone today. Your smile can change a bad day to a better one, so give it away! The joy will come back to you!

Happy beautiful life!!!



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