Kandee and Michael are Getting Married!

Kandee and Michael are Getting Married!

kandee and michael are getting marriedKandee and Michael are getting married!!  It’s a happy happy day and we want you to celebrate the great news with us! We all love these two very special people, and it would be really fun if we could all come behind them and give them a big wedding present! Let them know how much you love them by subscribing to both of their YouTube channels! What a lovely wedding congratulations that would be!  What if we could gather enough momentum to double their current subscrbers?  I know we can do it! Get all of your friends to join the party and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! Kandee and Michael work so hard to help us, and to entertain us! While it may look like they are just having one big party, they are actually working around the clock to bring us all or the wonderful goodness they provide. So let’s help them out as a show of our affection and appreciation! Happy engagement Kandee Johnson and Michael Castro!

Yes! It’s really true! Kandee and Michael are getting married! Kandee and Michael met through friends, and from their first time to lay eyes on each other, they just knew that this was something really special. It’s been so much fun to watch their relationship grow into such a loving and supportive one. They really count on one another and truly have each other’s best interests at heart. We are excited to see them finally get to actually begin their life together, be able to live in the same city, and soon the same house!

Since they met, they have been jetting back and forth, trying to find some time to be together, in between their many career and family obligations. They work into the wee hours of the night most of the time, creating and editing all of the videos that we love to watch, missing out on sleep, while we slumber away. They work so hard so they can be good to the people they love.

Being a public figure is both a blessing and a curse. The blessings are many, but it’s hard to be judged by the whole world. Let’s give Michael and Kandee our love and support, and send them only happy and uplifting words of congratulations and encouragement. Now is the perfect time to give them thanks and encouragement. Remember that they are real people, just like you and me, and they are super-excited right now about their very real and personal relationship. They just happen to be a bit famous, and all of us get to be in on their special time. So guys, let’s remember that this connection we have to them is a privilege, and let’s be happy for the happy couple.

Happy happy engagement, you two! After all, Kandee and Michael are getting married! Your people love you and can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Kandee is sure to be the most beautiful bride on her wedding day.

Happy beautiful life to you both!

Happy beautiful life to all of you!

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