Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video

Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video


Kandee-Johnson-The-Bad-Day-VideoThis video ┬áby Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video, is one in which we can see into the heart of our own beautiful Kandee. This video is full of encouragement that life will get better if you are going through a hard time. Life will get better! There is ┬áplan for your life and there is always hope! If you are going through a struggle and you need help finding your way, seek out a friend, family member, pastor, or counselor and get help. Don’t try to carry the burden all alone. Never ever give up! Let someone else help lighten your load and help you see that this isn’t forever, and it isn’t the end. It is merely a bump in the road. Sometimes those bumps seem like mountains that you could never climb, but one step at a time, you will make it! Cry out to God for help and he will help you. You are never alone and you will get through this and on to the rest of your beautiful life!

Kandee tells us about some hard times she has gone through, including the death of her dad and the current illness of her grandpa. She currently is juggling so many things that she wonders how to get it all done. Yet she has taken the time to encourage others that sometimes the hard times are the very things that catapult us into our destiny. When we look back on difficult days, we can see how they fit so beautifully together in order to get us where we are supposed to be. Never give up, but always move forward! Watch the entire video right here:)

At this Kandee Johnson website, we are about more than beauty. Just like Kandee, we care about your well being. We want to see you grow, mind, body , and spirit, while you discover your great purpose and all the wonderful things that have been set before you. Never believe the lies that will be thrown at you, and never doubt your worth. You are so valuable and your life has meaning! Set your feet on the path before you and go! We are here for you and pray the very best for your life!

Our hope is that this fan page will grow into a safe and fun place for you to come and hang out, knowing that everything you find here will be posted with you in mind. We want to provide you with great information, sound advice, and all things beautiful – body, mind, and spirit. We hope to help you learn more about how to eat to be healthy, how to exercise for optimum fitness, how to be free of stress and anxiety, as well as all things makeup and beauty. Most of all , we hope to help you find and fulfill your beautiful life, and that you would never leave this place without feeling that you are special, and that you are beautiful, just as you are. Let’s make this a place where you can find joy, hope, and humor, all tucked into the best beauty tutorials to be found on the internet.

Happy Life!!



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