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kardashian makeup tips, kandee johnsonKardashian Makeup Tips

Kardashian Makeup Tips from Kandee Johnson to help you achieve that beautiful gold, glamorous eye makeup look that you will often see on the beautiful Kim Kardashian. From her makeup artist, to our makeup artist, to you, a beautiful makeup look that will have you shining like gold. What a great look for your special night!

The Kardashians are everywhere these days, and you can hardly look on social media without a picture of one of them with their fancy makeup and gorgeous clothes. We figure if you can’t beat them, join them! So here is Kandee to help you with fabulous Kim kardashian makeup tutorial to rival any Kardashian makeup tips on the internet. We love this makeup look and hope you do too!

Kim Kardashian Make-Up Tutorial | Kandee Johnson


Things you need and how to do these Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips:



  • Kim Kardashian loves Makeup Forever foundation, but you can use your own favorite. Apply a color that matches your skin tone all over your face, and then apply a darker color in the areas you want to create contour. Always blend away any lines so that your makeup looks soft and natural.   A natural makeup look is always beautiful!


  • To diminish any dark circles, and to generally brighten your face, take a light concealer color and ben beneath your eyes, and down into a triangular shape from the eyes to the tops of the cheeks and beck to the eyes. This creates a beautiful, luminous look that make you look bright and lively.
  • To add depth and dimension to your face, take a darker concealer and apply beneath your cheekbones and to the outer third of your eyelids.
  • You can dab a bit of the lighter concealed to the inner corner of your eye for a more luminous glow.


  • It’s time to powder your face to set all of the beautiful work you have done. Just apply a pressed or loose translucent powder on top of the makeup you have put on your beautiful face.


  • A light golden beige shimmer color. Take a fluffy brush and apply the pretty shimmery color all over your entire eyelid to set the base for this Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips tutorial.
  • A golden bronze eyeshadow color. Take your dome shaped smudge makeup brush and sweep into the crease of your eyelid and the up and out into a triangle shape.
  • A bright gold eyeshadow color. Sweep and blend over the the color you just applied for a beautiful, golden glow.


  • A black eyeliner pencil. Apply to your lash line, from the outer corner to the inner corner, getting thinner the closer you get to your inner corner. Flick the outer corner outward and upward to create a beautiful wing. You will define the wing more in the next step, so don’t worry about it too much!
  • Kardashian makeup tip – always line the inside of the rims of your eyes with black liner for that Kardashian makeup look.
  • Using your black liquid liner to create the You can dab a bit of the lighter concealed to the inner corner of your eye for a more luminous glow.. Nothing beats a gorgeous winged eyeliner look!


  • A taupe eyebrow pencil. Define the shape of your eyebrow and fill them in with the pencil.


  • Your favorite black mascara. *Kim Kardashian makeup tips – sweep your wand upwards and outwards to create length and a sexy almond shape. Also, Kim always wears fake eyelashes, so be sure to add them if you want the complete golden shimmery eye makup look that she wears.


  • A light bulb gum pink blush color. Sweep onto the outer part of your cheekbones, from about the outer edge of your eye toward your temples.


  • Take your lightest shimmery color and dab onto the top of your cheekbones for that instant lit from within look. Voila! Kardashian cheekbones in an instant!

We hope you enjoyed watching these Kim Kardashian makeup tips to have you Kim Kardashian fabulous! Have fun getting your golden glow and have a fantastic day!


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