Kat Von D Makeup


Kat Von D Makeup

Ok girls, we all need a beautiful look that will lock in for an occasional (or not so occasional) 18 to 24 hour flawless day, so it’s Kat Von D Makeup to the rescue! Her amazing Lock it Tattoo line will have you looking your glowing best for a full 24 hours with no touch ups needed! Not only will it cover your beautiful tattoos when you desire, but your little blemishes, dark circles, or any uneven skin tone will become invisible in a flash!



Lock it Tattoo Foundation



We love this foundation because it gives us a nice light weight full coverage with a long lasting matte finish. Even oily skin like mine holds this beautiful look without having to touch up my makeup constantly throughout the day. What a time saver! This foundation is probably best for normal to oily skin. As with any foundation, it goes on more smoothly when you moisturize and then prep your skin with your favorite hydrating primer. It is a full coverage foundation, so apply it by putting a dollop on your hand and then smoothing the creamy velvet all over your face with a great foundation brush. Every tiny imperfection will disappear before your very eyes! Even that favorite tattoo can go into hiding for the day!

If you need to cover a tattoo, watch this video of Kandee Johnson with her magical airbrushing wand!




Tattoo Concealer


Once your have applied your Lock it Tattoo foundation by Kat Von D, it’s time for a quick dot here and there of the awesome Tattoo concealer. You can easily cover any  blemishes or any tiny telltales of a show through tattoo by applying lightly with your concealer brush. Dab it over any dark circles you may have developed while keeping your crazy 18 to 24 hour schedule, and voila! Your beautiful sparkling eyes will pop! Don’t forget! Like Kandee always reminds us, dab some around the nose since most of us are always red in that area. You are now ready to finish your look any way you want!



Lock it Powder Foundation


This great little compact packs a big beauty punch! You can wear it alone, or over the foundation if you really want coverage that won’t budge. You guys know the drill – moisturizer and primer always go on first. After you apply your concealer, either with or without the Lock it Foundation, add a light dusting all over that gorgeous face, then add more to the places you might want more coverage. Even though you probably won’t need it, this cute little compact fits easily into any bag for an easy touch up!



Tattoo Liner

Talk about some fancy tattoo liner!  Once it is on, it stays until you take it off! Check out some of these stand out creations that you can use for inspiration to express your own inner artist! From simple to dramatic to over the top. Your imagination can run wild!








Lock n Load Makeup Setting Mist

Once you have finished your look for the day, lock it in with this amazing mist that holds all day. Yay! Ready, set, go have a fantastic day!


Just for smiles, we thought you might like to watch this adorable video of Kandee and Kat having fun together!  Two of our favorites, just like candy and kittens:)

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