Ken Barbie Doll Makeup Transformation

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Ken Barbie Doll Makeup Transformation

Have you seen Kandee’s Ken Barbie doll makeup transformation? It’s pretty amazing to see all of the artistic makeup transformations that girl can create with her own face as her pallet. Her Barbie makeup transformation may well blow your mind.

Makeup Tutorials

Next time you and a friend are heading out to a costume party, get you some crazy blue contacts, grab your makeup bag, and follow along with Kandee’s makeup tutorials. She also has everyday makeup, makeup contouring, prom and wedding makeup, eyeliner, highlighting, and pretty much any makeup look you could possibly want. She can teach you all you need to know about any makeup application technique, including tons of makeup transformation tutorials.

Ken Barbie Doll Makeup Transformation

Barbie Transformation

If you haven’t seen Kandee’s Barbie transformation, then you will want to check it out! This makeup transformation is really unbelievable, and it would be fun to try it and see what your own version of Barbie would look like. Almost every girl I have ever known loves to play dress up, and this can be your own grown up version! Gather your friends and create a live Barbie doll collection for your next Halloween costume idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to play make believe and by creating a whole back story with your friends and sticking to it all night? I mean, we al have to grow up, but an evening replaying childhood games might be just the refreshing break everyone needs.

You may have to draw straws to see which girls will be Ken, or even better, hit up your guy friends to go as Ken. If you have a significant guy in your life, maybe he will go with you dressed as Barbie and Ken. Or dress him as Ken in GI Joe fatigues. However you can convince him, it will make for an evening of great fun!

If you decide to wear the costume contacts, be certain that your eye doctor approves, and follow all of the directions verbatim. You want to take great care of your only set of eyes, no matter how awesome those contacts may look.

Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are, and this Ken Barbie Doll Makeup Transformation is only meant to transform you for an evening into a fun and whimsical doll character. Have fun playing up your features beauties!


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