Kim Kardashian Makeup

Kim Kardashian Makeup

kim kardashian makeupOk, you guys have asked for it, and here it is: your Kim Kardashian makeup video from Kandee Johnson! This fiercely fab look will have you ready to put your best foot forward and go out and make it a great day! A new look is always a fun confidence-builder; so go ahead and get your makeup on!  Kandee’s Kim Transformation is on fleek, as per usual!!

You can always take this look to the max and go as Kim to your next costume party. With this transformation video, you will look more like Kim than she does! So grab your makeup bag, and let’s get to it!

As always, thank Kandee for this awesome Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial by subscribing to her YouTube channel, and get your friends to do the same! Thank you Kandee!


  • Apply a light foundation all over your face.
  • Apply a darker foundation around the edges, the temple and her forehead area, and then to contour the cheekbones.


  • Apply a light concealer under the eye in at triangular shape, making that area very white.
  • Blend a darker concealer into the outer v or your eyelid and the cheekbone area.
  • Take your light concealer again and apply to the inner corner and blow the eyebrow.

Contouring Cheekbones

  • Apply a dark concealer or foundation by drawing a line from the corner of the mouth to the top of the cheekbone and blending.
  • Time to powder the face!


  • Apply a golden beige eyeshadow and, using a fluffy brush, dust it all over the whole eye area.
  • Take a golden bronze shadow and blend it into the crease and up, into a point just below the out part of your eyebrow, creating a smudged, triangular shape.
  • Sweep a bright gold color up and over the dark color


  • Use a black eyeliner in the classic way from the outer corner of the eye, thinning the line as you take it to the inner corner.
  • Take your flat angled brush blend the liner into a nice smooth line.
  • Top with black eyeshadow to be sure everything stays in place.
  • For the classic Kim Kardashian look, you always have to line the inner rims of the eyes with black.
  • Take a black liquid liner create a nice wing. You can also go just along the lash line to be sure you get it nice and black.
  • Line the lower lid with the black liquid liner as well.


  • With a taupe or light brown shadow, fill in your brows, defying them in a straight, angular fashion, and extending the curve a little past the end of the brow.


  • Curl and apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes.
  • Add fake lashes.


  • Take a light pink blush and apply to the cheekbones, from the outer corner of the eye and up.
  • Using a highlighter, apply to the top of the cheekbones for a beautiful glow


  • Using a medium neutral lip pencil, line your lips, slightly curve outward, making them a little more full.
  • Fill in your lips with a pinky beige lipstick.
  • Top with lots of beautiful pink lip gloss.

There you go beauties – the best Kim Kardashian makeup tips on the interwebs! Now that you’ve got your glam on, put on your favorite outfit and have a blast with your groupies:) And while you’re at it, check out this other tutorial with some awesome eye makeup tips!

Happy beautiful life!


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