Lemon Water Weight Loss Recipe

lemon water weight loss recipe, kandee johnsonLemon Water Weight Loss Recipe

This lemon water weight loss recipe is the second part of my morning healthy eating routine. Does drinking lemon water help you lose weight? While I can’t say that for certain, I can say that it has made great difference in my own health and has been a part of a 15 pound weight loss that I have sustained for the past 6 years. I would say that 6 years of a steady weight is  pretty good indicator that something is working pretty well for me! So, let me tell you what I have been doing that has changed my body, eliminated that dreaded belly bloat (unless I cheat), and given me a radiant energy that makes me feel younger and simply better.

After a ton of research, plus a great deal of trial and error – oh, and a trip to my doctor – I decided to make some dietary changes to see what would happen. I have always been into fitness and nutrition, so I wasn’t a wreck to begin with. That should be good news to you, wherever you are on the health scale! I wasn’t really overweight. In fact, I was at a weight that my door considered healthy, but it just wasn’t my ideal. I didn’t like having a muffin top that came out of nowhere. Well, maybe it had come on with the birth of my children, but I knew I didn’t have to be stuck with it for life. So, even though I ate a healthy diet and exercised regularly, I set out to make some well-researched changes.

Lemon Water Weight Loss Recipe

I had been reading about our toxic environment, and the toxins in even our healthiest foods, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to actively and daily include some detox foods on purpose. And guess what food turns out to be a great natural detoxifier? You are so smart! Yep, the lovely lemon.  Thus began my love affair with my lemon water, and my not-so love affair with apple cider vinegar! I don’t think I’ll ever love it, though I do love what it does for me.

My morning routine:

  • I keep a large glass of water beside my bed and down it upon awakening to help thin my blood after a long night of stillness. This really cuts down on the possibility of a heart attack since a dehydrated body is more like to have thick blood running through it.
  • While I make my morning green smoothie – yes, I am one of those people – I down the following mixture:
    • 6 ounces warm water – I know – it already sounds bad :)
    • 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon
    • 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (this is very important if you want all of the benefits)
    • Stir it up, hold my breath, and drink it down really fast. Some people love the taste, but it still hasn’t grown on me. That should help you understand how much I believe this concoction has improved my health, even though it was great to begin with.

There are a few other changes that I have made, and the combination has been a 15 pound weight loss that has been sustained for several years. I feel great, I am two sizes smaller, no longer have a muffin top, and my skin glows with health.

Does lemon water help with weight loss? I absolutely believe that it does, and I will be drinking my lemon water weight loss recipe from here on out. Try it and see what you think!

Fair warning: It tastes bad! However, I love this morning drink for the energy and general sense of well being that it gives me. A slim waistline is just the cherry on top!

Happy beautiful life!





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