Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

life is beautifulHey beauties! :) Life is beautiful! Sometimes that reminder is all we need to change our outlook, attitude or even the outcome of our entire day. Do you ever just take a step back and realize how beautiful this life really is? The beauty of life can sometimes get lost among our problems, worries, and pursuits in our lives. Stress can overwhelm our minds and crowd out happiness. Whenever you are feeling bogged down, stressed, or unhappy, take a moment our of your day to simply pause and reflect on the good things in your life, because life is beautiful. :)

How can we appreciate the beauty of life, when our lives get crazy?


Stress not only blocks your ability to appreciate the joys in your life, but it is also extremely toxic to your body! Almost every disease can be traced back to having an excess of stress, and it can send your physical health into a downward spiral. It has the same effect on your mental and spiritual well-being, and even plunge you into a depression. Stress releases hormones that can cause you to gain weight, and inflame the body. Whenever you feel stress taking over, thinking some of those life is beautiful thoughts can help you break away from that vicious cycle of stressing out. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and release your breath slowly through your nose. Very slowly, breathe in through your nose again, and in your mind, repeat the phrase “life is beautiful.” On your exhale, release the air through your nose, and again repeat “life is beautiful” in your mind. This is called breathing with a mantra. Using “life is beautiful” as your mantra will not only have a calming effect on your nerves, but it will help instill in you the fact that life IS beautiful, you’re one of the beautiful people in it, and you are here for a beautiful purpose!


Whenever we are constantly in a hurry, rushing from work to appointments to school or wherever, we often forget to take the time to appreciate the beauty all around us! I know it’s one of the oldest clichés to say “stop and smell the roses,” but it’s one of those life is beautiful quotes that’s really true! If you take time out of your day to appreciate the simply beauty of flowers as you walk past them, the sky on a summer’s day, the feel of the wind through your hair as you drive, or the beautiful colors of the sunset in the evening, you will notice that your outlook becomes much more positive in general, and your impatience starts slowly fading away. You don’t even have to take extra time to notice these things! You could be driving on your way to work when you notice the changing leaves on the trees or blossoming wildflowers along the roadside. You could be waiting in line at Starbucks while you’re rushing to work or school in the morning when you appreciate the wonderful smell of roasted espresso beans. You could be sitting outside doing homework or typing emails when you appreciate the feel of the warm sunshine or the lovely sound of singing birds in the trees above you. Beauty is everywhere, in nature and in the people you meet wherever you go. Instead of focusing on the negatives, try to find the beauty in all situations, people, and places. Enjoy the beauty around you, and you will be one step closer to realizing that life is beautiful, even when you are pressed for time!

The last step to fully understanding that life is beautiful, is to realize that YOU are a part of life! Instead of picking yourself apart, acknowledge the fact that you were made for a beautiful purpose, and you have special and unique qualities that make you unlike anyone else in the world. You are meant to do so many great things in your life, and you are a wonderful and talented person with a beautiful heart. So next time you are feeling weighed down by the stress and pressures of life, take out a minute for yourself, look at the amazing world around you, and remind yourself that life is beautiful, and so are you! <3

Have fun enjoying your beautiful lives, babes!



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