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Lip Plumper How to Get Plumped Lips

This lip plumper how to get plumped lips video from Kandee Johnson to the rescue, just in time for that special kiss beneath the mistletoe or that midnight smooch to ring in the new year! Those plumped up lips will be irresistible! Here is one of Kandee’s favorite ways to plump your lips without resorting to lip injections (watch Kandee’s fake lip injections hack video). No needles here!

It’s been shown that men consider full lips to be at the core of a woman’s sensuality, and women through the ages have sensed that to be true. Just take a look throughout the history of makeup looks. You will find that lips have been the focus of a woman’s face for centuries. Just notice the next time you are conversing with your guy how often his eyes linger on your beautiful mouth. Unless he is a lip reader, his eyes will pretty much let you know that the lips have it! From deep red lips to luscious naturals, the bigger and plumper, the better. So how can you get those babies to plump up for puckering? Let’s check out this awesome makeup tutorial from Kandee!

Lip Plumper How to Get Plumped Lips

Things you will need:


  • a nude lipstick and brown – deep beige colored lip liner


  • pale pink lipstick or lip liner
  • lines with a deeper pink or even a deep rose pink color


  • peach lipstick or lip liner
  • coral lip liner
  • orange or deep orange brown lip liner


  • red lipstick
  • red lipliner (it will define the color better)
  • brown or wine colored lip liner for dimension


  • orange lipstick
  • red or orange brown lip liner


  • matte nude-rose lip color or lip liner
  • mauve or soft brown lip liner

Use these items as you follow along with Kandee’s lip plumper how to get plumped lips video.

How often do you work hard to shade, highlight and define your eyes, cheeks, and nose, to bring out more definition and interest to your face? Probably most of the time you do anything to amplify your natural beauty. What do you normally leave for last? Yep! If you are like most of us, the last part of your makeup routine is making the most of your delectable lips!

If, as studies are proving, the lips are the focal point of a woman’s sensuality, then maybe we are going about this all backwards! Maybe we should should start with the lips and then apply makeup in a way that flatters and accentuates our smiles. A beautiful, warm smile is one of the most important traits men look or in a woman. It signifies and great sense of humor, and a lightness of spirit. So play up that smile and give it freely. Your smile can make someone’s day!

At the very least, perhaps our lips deserve more attention than just a swipe of lip balm, gloss, or lipstick. With all of the focus now on contouring and highlighting our features, we think Kandee is really onto something when she talks about using lip liners and layering lip colors to add depth and dimension to our lips. We just needed a little know-how.

Thanks to Kandee for this lip plumper how to get plumped lips video. We are going to use her tips from this video along with her fake lip injections hack to get our lips naturally plumped for that special holiday kiss!

Have fun faking those lip injections beauties! No pain and great gains!

Pucker up!


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