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Oh, the beauty of lipstick and the awesome tricks you can do with it! Any makeup look you could ever want is right at your fingertips. With the stroke of a pencil, or flick of the wand, you can dramatically change your look from one day to the next! Now that’s just fun!

Lipstick trends have changed many times over the years, and just like any other fashion statement, what comes around goes around. The lovely part is, you can choose to wear any decade look you wish, so long as you wear it with confidence. Confidence is one of the most attractive traits in a woman, so grab your lipsticks and let’s have a makeup party!

Kandee Johnson has put together 100 years of lipstick trends for Allure, and it is awesome and fun! Have fun trying one of these iconic looks every day! Why not have some fun and go a little crazy?

100 Years Of Lip Trends With Kandee Johnson

1916 –

Rouge lip color housed in a clay pot – A beautiful soft pink lipstick that was an unlined full lip look that was softly alluring.

1925 –

Brown, plum, and cherry lipstick with defined liner were the biggest hits, and those girls knew how to rock it!

1939 –

Beautiful and elegant matte lipstick was all the rage. Think Scarlett, in Gone With the Wind. After all, tomorrow is another day!

1942 –

Lips ruled the makeup trends of the 40’s, and out of bounds lipliner was super cool. Think oranges, reds, and corals, kind of like this season!

1954 –

In the 50’s the first long lasting lipstick colors were made, and the dark red lip was everywhere. Think Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth, and Ava Gardner.

Marilyn Monroe was the queen of the glossy red lipstick look. And girls! it’s back big time!!!

1967 –

The groovy all white lipstick became popularized by the Ronettes and the Shirelles. Think Twiggy and you will get the picture! Thin, pale, and hippyish was the coolest.

1976 –

Ooh baby! The disco decade brought in the bright lipstick with lots of gloss. Lots and lots of lip gloss!
Slick and shiny lips were the sexy look of the 70’s. Think Olivia Newton John in Grease!

1989 –

Boy did those girls ever rock the electric lip colors that were wildly popular in he late 1980’s. Bright lips, lots of eyeshadow, and lots of blush were all the rage. Color galore combined with great big hair was the beauty element of that time.

1997 –

Think Pamela Anderson with her full, over- lined lips. The lips were made to look fuller with a dark liner, and filled in with a light lipstick color. Lip injection hacks have been a long time in the making and they are rampant today!

2005 –

Remember the icy glossed lipstick look that eery girl could easily wear? We all loved Claire’s!

2016 –

Thanks to Kylie jenner, the same dark colored lipstick is used to line and fill in the lips. The dark pout rules these days, so go bold or go home, haha!

So there you go beauty babes!

Lots of lipstick looks for lots of fun days and nights! Have fun playing up those lips!


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