Mac Flamingo Park Collection

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Mac Flamingo Park Collection

The new Mac Flamingo Park Collection is almost here! Hold onto your purses, girls, because these beautiful shades of pink makeup are going to be singing the siren song like never before. Once you lay eyes on these beauties, all of your New Year’s resolve could melt away in a pink popsicle puddle of lipsticks and blushes to die for. Glorious, girly pink in every possible shade of our most feminine color.

Who else loves pink? It’s the color of the upcoming spring season, and we will be seeing it everywhere, including on our faces. Think Enchanted, Legally Blonde, Sleeping Beauty, and pretty much any other girly girl movie, and you will be right on track. This gorgeous  Mac Flamingo Park Collection will be out just in time for Valentine’s Day, so now’s the time to start dropping the perfect boyfriend those little hints. You know he only wants to make you happy, so help him out a little bit! This new makeup will available online January 28 and in stores on February 4th.

Mac Flamingo Park Collection

The MAC Flamingo Park Collection


Powder Blushes ($22 each)

  • Life’s a Picnic, a hot reddish pink
  • Pink Swoon, a soft yellowish baby pink
  • Let’s Be Friends, a blueish hot pink
  • What I Fancy, a soft bright apricot
  • This Could Be Fun, a soft violet-purple
  • Spring Flock, a light bright coral
  • Oh, My!, a reddish mid-tone coral

Pigment ($22 each)

  • Rose, a rose with copper sparkle
  • Golden Olive, a high frosted greenish gold
  • Tan, a muted pinkish brown-bronz

Studio Nail Lacquer ($12 each)

  • Miami, a warm pinkish coral
  • Spoonful of Sugar, a soft pink glitter with pink pearl

Eye Shadow X 9/Flamingo Park ($40)

  • Bird’s Eye View, a hot magenta
  • Flock & Roll, a light pastel pink
  • Sushi Flower, a pinkish coral with pink shimmer
  • Elegant Friend, a dirty lavender
  • Weirdly Wonderful, a royal blue with light blue pearl
  • Naturally Fabulous, a warm mid-tone brown
  • Flounce, a chalky white pink
  • Glamour Light, a soft lemon yellow
  • Floridazzle, a soft lime green

Lipsticks ($17 each)

  • Flocking Fabulous, a bright coral-red
  • Please Me, a muted rosy-tinted pink
  • Nice to Meet You, a deep pinkish red
  • Be Silly, a hot fuchsia pink (Matte)
  • Long Legged & Fabulous, a soft baby pink
  • Silly, a bright white-pink (Matte)
  • Saint Germain, a clean pastel pink
  • Have Your Cake, a bright magenta
  • The Fashion Flock, a bright pink-coral

Lip Pencils ($16.50 each)

  • Chic Trick, an amped-up fuchsia
  • Embrace Me, a vivid pinkish fuchsia
  • In Synch, a bright yellowish pink

Cremesheen Glasses ($20 each)

  • Such Sweeties, a pastel baby pink
  • Look Who’s Here!, a soft pink with blue pearl
  • Sweet Tooth, a warm mid-tone pink
  • Petite Indulgence, a bright blueish pink
  • Playful Petal, an electric magenta

Beauty Powder ($22)

  • Pearl Blossom, a light pink with silver pearlized pigments
  • Sunny Surprise, a soft peach

Brush ($35)

  • 129SH Powder/Blush

Technakohl Liners ($16.50 each)

Raisinette, a brown purple

  • Purple Dash, an intense aubergine

Haute & Naughty Lash ($22)

  • Haute & Naughty Black, black

Three days and counting until you can have your very own Mac Flamingo Park Collection! You will be tickled pink at all the gorgeousness!



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