Mac Makeup

Mac Makeup


There you are, weaving your way through the crowds of mall-perusing women, the puffs of sample perfumes being sprayed into the air all around you, the clusters of middle schoolers with their mocha frappes, and frazzled moms corralling their children and bumping their way through the masses with their doublewide baby strollers, when you see it: a glimmering source of all things beauty, the Mac Makeup counter!! Whether you are a Mac makeup fanatic or a newbie to the brand, a trip to the Mac counter (or even better yet, an actual storefront—eep!) is something that we all love. From the beautiful displays to the spunky and vibrant staff, every Mac makeup store or counter seems to have a gravitational pull on all of us!



When you walk into a Mac makeup store, the first thing to do is ask for help sampling products. If you’re going in for a specific reason, for example, to find a foundation that matches your skin tone, asking for assistance is your best bet to finding that perfect shade! The makeup associates will be more than happy to help you find what you need, and you’ll be able to sample the product right then and there. Once you try out a few samples, I suggest leaving the store for  a little while, maybe grab some lunch or continue to browse through your favorite clothing stores, then come back. This will help you ensure that you don’t make a reflex purchase, and end up experiencing that awful buyer’s remorse the next day! Plus, when you venture out into the mall or out onto the streets, you will have the opportunity to see the makeup on your face in different lighting. If you’re inside a mall, try to at least get to a window or the top floor where there are typically skylights, and view your makeup in daylight. If this is not an option, go to several stores and the even the restroom to view yourself in as many different locations as possible. You also want to wear it for a while to see how the product feels on your face, and make sure it does not irritate your skin or cause any sort of allergic reaction before you buy it. Be aware of any redness, itchiness, watery eyes, or bumps that may occur. If you are not sensitive to the products, tune in to how the makeup feels. Is it heavy? Does it make you feel greasy or cakey? Does it stay well, or do you find it wearing off while you shop? Once you have determined how the makeup wears on your face, you can make a more educated decision regarding your purchase. Take as much time as you need, and if you’re still not sure, ask if you can take a small sample home with you to try the next day! The other great thing about samples is that indecisive people (like me!) can try as many shades and formulas as they like, and always end up bringing home just the right one! With so many shades of every product, including beautiful, velvety eye shadows, lip sticks, lip liners (I always see Kandee Johnson wearing her Mac liner in Soar!), brow fillers, foundation, and so much more, it can seem nearly impossible to narrow it down for your purchase! That’s what the samples are for, so try as many as you need before deciding on the one (or five, no judgment!) that fits your needs. You’re allowed, I promise!

My FAVORITE Mac makeup must-haves!!!

There are two Mac makeup products I ALWAYS have in my bag, and that is the Pro Longer Paint Pot in “Painterly,” and my absolute favorite medium brown contour eyeshadow color “Kid.” I seriously cannot live without these two beauty essentials!! The Paint Pot is so smooth and creamy and provides my eyelids even coverage that makes my eyeshadow go on perfectly— and stay that way all day!! I actually use this product beneath my eyes as well, because I find that my concealer stays put without creasing much better with this as a primer. Maybe that’s weird, but take it from me, it really works! I’m always about product versatility! Speaking of doubling up products, if I’m in a hurry or I can’t fit my contour or bronzer compact in my clutch, I will load up my fluffy shadow brush with Kid, apply it on my eyelids as contour for a deeper crease, then run whatever is leftover on my brush down the sides of my nose bridge for the appearance of a taller, straighter nose. It’s a quick cheat for easy contour without using any more product! A time saver and a money saver? Yes please! :)

Mac makeup is one of the most popular brands of makeup, and for good reason. Next time you’re out shopping, stop in your local Mac cosmetic counter or storefront and try some samples! Experimenting with different looks and colors than usual is so much fun, especially when you can choose from so many samples! Buy your favorites so you can recreate the looks at home, and let me know your Mac staples!

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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