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This makeup contouring tutorial will have you stepping up your glam to a whole new level! In a hurry? Check out this how to contour your face in less than 30 seconds edition! You may not always have the time it takes to contour your face like a makeup pro, but when you do, follow along with Kandee as she takes you through this step by step makeup contouring video.

Makeup Contouring Tutorial – Kandee Johnson

Contour Makeup

By Kandee Johnson on Incline

Remember Kandee’s favorite tip and trick when it comes to contouring your face.

It’s called the dark jeans verses white jeans theory, and it’s brilliant, yet simple.

  • Dark jeans make your but look smaller
  • White jeans make your butt look bigger
  • Dark contour makes those areas of your face appear smaller, sucked in, and more defined
  • White highlights make those ares of your face appear larger, wider, and brighter.
  • Be careful when contouring and creating angles that you don’t age yourself. Too many angles can look harsh, and make you look older. Be sure to use a great blending makeup brush to soften any hard edges, so that you will appear soft, young , and feminine.
  • Apply the white highlights where the sunlight would naturally hit your face. The white areas will draw the eye, so be strategic and illuminate all of the right places.

In this makeup contouring tutorialKandee also teaches how to contour for your face shape. This is fantastic information because we all need different beauty tips to best pay up our own unique features. What works for contouring a round face would not looks pretty on a square face shape.

This may seem a little overwhelming at first, but with this great makeup contouring tutorial Kandee, and a little practice and patience from you, you may become a contouring master.

Have fun playing up your features!


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