Makeup Contouring

makeup contouring, kandee johnsonMakeup Contouring

Wanting to amp up those makeup contouring skills? The latest in the art of makeup seems to require us to be actual artists if we want to look as glam and polished as everyone else seems. There is more to it than meets the eye, and I for one would never be able to pull of this beautiful makeup look without the help of Kandee! Check out this awesome makeup contouring tutorial to get you out the door feeling as fabulous as you are!

Makeup Contouring

By Kandee Johnson on Incline

Makeup Contouring

Makeup contouring and contouring palettes are one of the most popular beauty trends and products. And now you don’t have to be a makeup artist pro to contour like Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist or any makeup guru you see on Instagram, you can chisel and contour your face, cheekbones, slenderize your nose and forehead and even contour your chin!

Thanks to Kandee we can all achieve this popular trend in makeup. It’s fun to play with makeup, and it’s really fun to learn the insider secrets of a makeup pro! Every time I watch her videos, I’m thinking, “so that’s how they do it!” Before these awesome makeup tutorials came along, makeup was kind of a free for all. Either you were god at it or you weren’t!

Thank you, Kandee, for sharing your beauty secrets with the rest of us! Have fun plying up your features, Babes!

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