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makeup for beginners, kandee johnsonMakeup For Beginners

Makeup for beginners can be a little bit daunting and sometimes somewhat overwhelming, but no worries! We’ve got you covered! You are not alone in your quest for everyday makeup looks  that will teach you some tricks of the trade, but still have you out the door in a reasonable amount of time! We have one of Kandee Johnson’s newest makeup tutorials  that will help you with a beautiful makeup look that includes an easy eye and the perfect red lipstick that is so hot this season! Grab your makeup bag and vanity mirror, and have fun getting all glammed up with the beautiful Kandee Johnson!

Below the video you will find a list of things you need so that you can easily follow along with Kandee. She is so much fun to hang out with and we know that you will love her as much as we do! She will inspire you, and make you smile! Before you know it, you will have some new skills as you learn how to do makeup for beginners from our own favorite makeup artist! Have fun playing up your features, beauty babes!

Everyday Makeup: Easy Eye and Perfect Red Lips

by Kandee Johnson

Things you need:

*You can use the makeup brands that Kandee used, but she always tells you to use anything that you have that is similar to hers. Don’t break the bank by making unnecessary purchases. Be wise in your spending and live within your means. That keeps the bad old stress monster away!


  • Any good face primer that you have will be great.


  • Your favorite, perfect foundation that matches your natural skin tone. You can choose the coverage level that you want or need.


  • Choose one concealer in your natural shade, and one in a bit darker shade that you can use for contouring.Isn’t that exciting? You are already going to learn some contouring techniques!

Translucent Face Powder

  • You favorite, loose, non caking translucent face powder for blending and setting your masterpiece.

Pink Blush

  • A pretty pink blush that flatters your complexion.

Pink Highlighter

  • A pale, shimmery pink powder for getting your glow on:)


  • A candlelight color shimmer powder for even more natural glow!


  • Nude, peach shimmer, nude shimmer, taupe and black eyeshadow colors.

Black EyeLiner

  • Black gel eyeliner or black liquid eyeliner

Eyeliner brush

  • Kandee used a small angled brush from the craft store


  • Your favorite black mascara

False Lashes

  • These are are fun addition if you want to wear them!


  • Cherry red liquid lip color
  • Cherry red lip liner

Makeup for Beginners Tutorial

Application Tips:


*Tip -put your primer on about ten minutes before applying the rest of your makeup. You can work that into your routine by applying primer, then doing something else for about ten minutes before returning to put on your makeup. You want the primer to be ready to support your work.


  • Use your Beauty Blender to apply your foundation to whatever coverage works for you. Kandee likes to cover her beautiful freckles. We love her freckles!


  • Put a little concealer under the eyes and on the eyelids and on any red areas you may see.


  • Apply your darker concealer contour  by drawing lines beneath your cheekbones, down the sides of your nose, and the temples and blend well.
  • Apply some lighter concealer down the bridge of your nose to catch the light.


  • Set your look with your translucent powder or it will all come off.


  • Go over your contour cream with your bronzing powder to create more pow and beauty.


  • Apply a pretty pink blush to the apples of your cheeks


  • Sweep onto the tops of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose.


  • Apply your light highlight color everywhere.
  • Blend your light brown color into the crease of your eyelid and blend up onto the brow bone.
  • Blend your light color just beneath the brows.
  • Deepen your crease with the darker color as needed to create more impact.


  • Use your angel brush
  • Load your brush with the black eyeliner.
  • Start in the middle of your lash line and work outward first.
  • Work toward the inner corner of your eye, making the line thinner from the center to the inner corner.
  • Create your wing on the outside edge of your eye by extending the eyeliner in an upward flick. Everyone messes up on the wings, so no worries if you have trouble getting it right! It’s all fixable with a makeup remover wipe. Just give it another shot until you get en eyeliner look you love!
  • Add a bit more of your darker eyeshadow colors to the outer edge to create a bit more definition.
  • Take and angled brush and press you black eyeshadow right on top of your gel liner to fix any imperfections and really give your winged eyeliner the pow it deserves!


  • Curl your lashes if they need it.
  • Apply black mascara to your upper and lower lashes.


  • Create your shape with your eyebrow pencil and fill in between the lines with little hair like strokes.
  • Spooly them so that they look natural:)
  • Finish your mascara with another coat or two, for awesome eyelashes!


  • Apply your red liquid lip color to your lips. Kandee loves to over- draw her lips, like so many makeup artists do.
  • Sharpen your lip liner and outline your lips to your satisfaction.
  • The lip liner will help soften the lines of the liquid lip color.
  • Finish off with another coat of mascara:)

False Eyelashes

  • Add these for fun when you want some extra glamour and pop!

Makeup for beginners made easy. Thanks to Kandee for showing us that even the pros make mistakes sometimes and have to take the time to correct them before walking out the door. We are all human!

Enjoy getting glammed up and have a beautiful day!

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