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My trip to Makeup Forever, plus a product review of one of my TOP beauty essentials from Makeup Forever!!

Walking into Makeup Forever is like walking into a tiny magical world of beauty. I remember my first trip to a real Makeup Forever storefront vividly; the whimsical decorations, the rows of lit mirrors, and the rack and rack FULL of gorgeous makeup compacts, lipsticks, brushes, liners, and foundations packed into every inch of the small store. It was a beautiful sight! I gravitated first toward the eye shadows, because the colors are so unique! Some of the colors are solid, while others are marbled with two or three visible colors swirling together in one compact. The most eye-catching shadow was an almost iridescent white shadow with a vibrant pink mixed through. I had to try it out! 45 minutes later, I found myself wading through piles of eye makeup shades trying to narrow my choices down to fill my own, customized shadow palette. How cool is that? I chose a beautiful highlight, medium tone, contour, and liner shade in a rich purply shade, and then moved on to lips.

The array of lip choices was just as daunting, and since the caffein buzz from my mall latte had begun to wane, I decided it would be a good time to ask for some help. Of course, I said yes, because what girl doesn’t love getting free beauty samples and personalized tips at the same time?? The girls in the store were so enthusiastic about their brand, and they were quick to jump to my assistance! One of the makeup associates sat me down in a tall chair, and asked me all about what look I was going for, my tastes, and where I was planning to wear my lipstick. I had a wedding coming up, and I was feeling a bit daring, so I knew I wanted to go for a bold, deep red lip. I explained to the associate that I was apprehensive about pulling off such a statement color at a wedding that could go on for hours, because I had had problems in the past with my lipstick fading or rubbing off on the rim of my glass, or while eating. She took all of this into account, then assessed my skin tone and disappeared to scavenge for my perfect shade. When she returned, she began applying a liner, teaching me what she was doing as she went so I would have no trouble recreating the look on the day of my big event. I felt like a celebrity as she applied lip liner, lip stain, and lip gloss under the bright lights! I fell in love with the contoured lip look she created, so I obviously had to purchase the products she used as well. On my way to the checkout counter, something else caught my eye. My makeup bag would never be the same!


I had used translucent powders before, both pressed and loose, mineral and synthetic, but no powder had ever matched the über fine, almost pixy-dust-like texture, or velvety smooth finish that the HD Powder had. I could tell it was high quality from the first touch. The tiny amount I sampled fluffed easily over my entire face, which was a good thing, considering it’s not the cheapest product on the market. My philosophy for choosing what to splurge on is, if the product is being applied directly onto the skin of my face, it’s worth investing into a higher quality product. Also, if I only have to use a small amount to achieve the desired effect, it’s likely to even out with a cheaper product that I would have to use much more of to achieve the same coverage! At least, that’s how I rationalize a big purchase with myself. 😉 Honestly though, it is hands down one of the best products I have ever bought, and I have bought it several times since! If there is any product I can’t live without, it would be my Makeup Forever HD Powder. Even if I have to use a cheaper BB cream or concealer, I can feel confident that my HD Powder will keep it in place all day long, as well as give me that perfect, airbrushed texture! Even alone, without a primer or foundation of any kind, Makeup Forever’s HD Powder smoothes over the skin, filling fine lines and pores, giving your skin a porcelain quality. I know you’re not supposed to touch your face very much to prevent acne and wrinkles, but it’s hard not to when your skin feels as soft as this powder makes it feel! I felt a little embarrassed in the Makeup Forever store when I noticed I had been standing by the powder counter literally just petting my face for a minute or two, but the girls didn’t seem to think it was out of the ordinary. I guess I wasn’t the only customer who had stopped to appreciate the texture the HD Powder gave their skin!

My overall impression of the Makeup Forever storefront, makeup selection, and product quality, is overwhelmingly a positive one. Makeup Forever is a top notch brand that really understands what their customers are looking for in their makeup experience. From entering the store to exited with my bags of makeup, to several years down the line of daily usage of many products including my personal fave, the HD Powder, I have to say I hold Makeup Forever in high regard as a respectable, high quality, and on-trend company that I am happy to purchase makeup from.

I hope you guys found this review of Makeup Forever helpful, and I wish you the best luck on your own makeup adventures!

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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