Makeup Looks for Prom

Makeup Looks for Prom

makeup looks for prom, kandee johnsonAs you are searching for your makeup looks for prom, be sure to check out this beautiful prom makeup tutorial by our awesome makeup artist, Kandee Johnson! She has tons of makeup ideas for prom, and you might to check them all out before settling on your makeup look for your special night!

Every girl looks forward to her prom night, with the hopes of her own version of the Cinderella story. We love to watch those movies! We don’t miss a single one, even though it is the same story over an over again. We just love a little romance, or even just the possibilities of love at first sight. It’s romantic, and dreamy, and just plain girly! Even if you are going with a group of girls to your prom,your Prince Charming may be there without a date as well! Whatever the case, you will want to feel spectacular, fabulous, and confident. Nothing says beautiful like a kind hearted, humbly confident woman!

Let’s get you dressed so you can go out and shine that sparkling personality with no worries about how you look. Let your beautiful heart shine through, and your night will be fantastic!

Your prom makeup should be special, and it needs to stay in place for a long time, so here is Kandee with a beautiful prom makeup tutorial to give you perfect prom makeup ideas!

Kandee Johnson is a fabulous YouTube famous makeup artist with over 3 million followers! You will love her sweet personality as much as you love her amazing artistic talent.

This young prom model wanted to have a red lip for her prom makeup, so Kandee came up with  gorgeous prom eye makeup ideas to set off her model’s amazing eyes without over powering her face with too much makeup. It’s a really beautiful look for her big brown eyes! Kandee loves this lip color for any color of eyes. Whether your eyes are brown, blue, green, or hazel, this lip color will compliment them perfectly!



Things you will need:


  • Apply your primer
  • Apply your favorite foundation


  • Apply to eyelids, under eye area around the nostrils, chin, and to cover any little blemishes you may have.

Loose Powder

  • Dab over eye area, and anywhere you have put the foundation to cancel out the shine you may see.

Gold Colored Eye Pencil

  • Paint over the eyelid to give sticking power to your eyeshadow.


  • Pat a gold frosty eyeshadow color on top of the gold colored eye pencil to give added definition to your eyes.
  • Top the gold color with a glittery silver eyeshadow to tone the gold down a little. You will sparkle all night long!
  • Dab a light frosty nude eyeshadow color just beneath the brow to give a lift and a highlight to that area.
  • Blend another light color on top of that light frosty nude shadow, just to hold that highlight in place.


  • Smudge a shimmery brown eyeliner just on the outer edge of your upper eyelid. You don’t want a harsh lined look.
  • Smudge and blend a pretty taupe color into the eyeliner to add a little depth and dimension without a definite line.
  • With your black eyeliner, waterline your lower lid.
  • Take and angled brush and a black eyeshadow and top the waterliner to keep that liner in place all night.
  • Soften the lower eyeliner by sweeping a bit of the gold and taupe shadows just beneath your eyes.


  • Curl your eyelashes.
  • Apply black mascara.
  • Top with Ardell demi wispies for dramatically gorgeous eyes.


  • Apply a pretty, soft pink blush, just to the apples of your cheeks. This will double as your highlighter as well.
  • Lightly apply a bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, your temples, and chin, for a little added contour.


  • Take a beautiful cherry colored lipliner and go along the edges and into the lips for a stained, long lasting effect.
  • Fill in your lip with a beautiful cherry red long lasting lipstick, and you are good to go!

There you go beauties! One of Kandee’s most beautiful makeup looks for prom!

This look is also perfect for you wedding makeup too! Just in case you meet your handsome prince and forever love!

Let your beautiful heart shine through your beautiful prom makeup, and you will have a magically wonderful time!

Happy beautiful life!



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