Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

                     Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

makeup tips for brown eyes, kandee johnsonWhen it comes to makeup tips for brown eyes, you really have a lot of choices in the eye makeup colors you can wear. Sometimes people with brown eyes wish for a more “interesting” eye color, like green or blue, or hazel. While all of those colors are gorgeous, the notion that brown eyes are dull and boring is just plain silly.

Your gorgeous brown eyes can come in so many hues it’s not even funny. Get your mirror and move to a bright, natural light, like your porch, or near a big window. Then move into the sunlight and notice the changes that occur as different intensities of light hit your eyes. Do you see how interesting your eye color actually is?

Your eye makeup for brown eyes should compliment the colors you see when the light illuminates and accents you eye color. Check out these makeup tips for brown eyes and give some of them a try. Use your own creativity and add your special touch . You can come up with your own makeup ideas for brown eyes!! We are just giving you some general guidelines so you don’t waste your money on eyeshadow palettes that won’t compliment your eyes as well as others.

                         Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Deep Dark Brown Eyes

Some of you have the darkest, deepest, chocolatey eyes that are such a dark brown that your pupils barely show. Personally, I love this color. I’ve always been attracted to deep, dark, yet kind and shining eyes. I love the way the light reflects and dances, giving a joyful humor to the expression in them. My amazing husband has those deep brown eyes, and I love looking into them every single day.

Your dark brown eyes can be complimented by many colors. You could choose anything in the family of blue, including a beautiful smokey eye created by using a smokey navy eyeshadow makeup palette. Electric Blues can be a fun, rock star look for fun times. You can wear greens, bronzes, earthy colors, and silvers. Our favorite palette for your beautiful chocolate brown eyes is anything purple. Try a gorgeous purple palette and watch your eyes take center stage!

Golden Brown Eyes

Perhaps you have gorgeous flecks of gold in your brown eyes, giving that exquisite lioness elegance to you expression. Gold as in crowns, and jewels, and royalty. Talk about beautifully interesting and engaging eyes. The gold in your eyes will take on many different hues depending on the lighting. Imagine gazing into those eyes over a candlelight dinner!

When shopping for eyeshadow palettes for your golden brown eyes,think golds, bronzes, taupes, and earthy browns. You can wear any of the colors that the dark brown eyed beauties can, but gold, bronze,and purpley taupes will compliment your golden tones the most. A smokey earthy eye with a bronze liner would be a super cool, feline look if you are feeling fierce!

Green Brown or Hazel Eyes

The ever changing green brown, or more commonly known as hazel eyes, can change with the slightest emotion. If the sunlight hits that hazel eye, the green is so prominent that the eye looks pure green. A tear can have the same effect. Combine a teary hazel eye with the sunlight and the green tones take over. Sometimes a hazel eye can take on the same colors as a cat’s eye, giving the feline ferocity that is so mesmerizing you can’t look away. You can gaze forever into those windows to the soul.

Your hazel eyes are a combo of green and brown, so you can wear anything that compliments both of those colors. If you really want your eyes to draw the attention, stick with browns, taupes, and bronzes. Those colors will exaggerate the green in your eyes and they will steal the show!

If you are looking for prom makeup ideas, check out prom makeup for brown eyes! You can showcase your brown eyes with this beautiful, prom worthy makeup tutorial!

There you go! No more thinking your brown eyes may be boring! Bye bye boring! Hello amazing!

These makeup tips for brown eyes will help you find that magical element your beautiful brown eyes that will have you taking center stage! The eyes have it!

Have fun working those gorgeous brown eyes! Let your heart shine through and make someone else have a better day! Your day will better too!

Happy beautiful life!!!






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