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makeup tips

Makeup Tips

4 Secret Makeup Tips for that perfectly polished wow-factor!

Hey babes! Looking for easy, GAME-CHANGER makeup tips to simplify and renew your routine? These makeup tips can take your look from slouchy to savvy in 4 simple steps. Ready to level up your look for effortless beauty? Let’s get started!

1. Your NEW concealed weapon!

Forget foundation, try spot concealing instead! Here’s why and WHEN you should try the trick.

We all have those times when we need a fuller coverage foundation to hide certain skin issues or acne flare-ups, but what about when your skin is doing pretty well? Caking foundation on top of relatively smooth skin really isn’t doing anything for you except wasting time and product! Even with a few blemishes, sometimes you just don’t have the time for that flawless foundation application. Maybe it’s hot outside or you know you’re going to be sweating a lot in a workout, but you don’t want to go completely bare skinned. Fret no more! The spot conceal trick can have you looking fresh and fabulous in a fraction of the time of your foundation routine, and it will be less likely to sweat off or at the beach or during a tough workout at the gym. Honestly, of all my makeup essentials, concealer is my number one must have! Here’s how to rock it solo!

Try the tip:

Take your favorite concealer, and with a clean finger or brush, dab it in small dots around nose, on any blemishes or discolorations, beneath the eyes, and down the nose bridge. Blend gently with the ring finger in a rolling motion, trying not to rub or stretch the skin. If you blend in swiping motions, you’re likely to wipe off the product instead of pressing it into the skin. Once you’ve blended each area, apply one even smaller dot in the center of the forehead, on chin, on each cheekbone, and along each jawbone. This can be done in a slightly lighter shade if you have a concealer pallet. Blend the dots out, creating a smooth finish. These dots will help to create the illusion of perfect skin all over, without actually completely covering the skin. If you use a lighter shade here, it will also give you a more three-dimensional look, which makes your skin appear glowing and fresh! So next time you’re in a time crunch, or you’re going to be doing actual crunches at the gym, skimp on your full face of foundation and opt for this time and money saving tip! Trust me, you’ll head out the door feeling fresh, light, and confident. :)


2. The two pencils will literally change your life!

Pull off a fresh face with sophistication! These two pencils are all you’ll need to take your natural look from blah to BOSS. First, find a lip liner that matches your natural shade to the T. Even on days when you want to appear completely natural (#nomakeup!), a sharply lined lip can amp up your natural features and leave you looking more polished without looking like you’ve done anything. No one will understand how you always look so effortlessly put-together!

Try the tip:

Press lips lightly together and smile slightly, tracing the natural shape of the mouth. Focus on creating a sharper edge to your cupid’s bow, and you can even overdraw the lower lip just a bit for a fuller pouty look. Then, starting from the outer corners, fill in the rest of the lips with short, inward strokes. dab your finger over the lips to blend it out, so that your natural lip shows through. Since you don’t want a lipstick look, it’s crucial to blend the liner from the middle out, leaving the edges untouched. That crisp edge and transparent center will make your lips really stand out from your face, without any added color! Or so people will think! 😉

Next up, all you need is a nude pencil slightly lighted than your natural shade. Simply run this along your lower waterline for instant brightening and and added crispness that people just won’t be able to put their finger on! This tiny, almost invisible alteration makes the hugest difference in how awake and polished you look. You will be amazed!!

3. Brow tricks!!!!

Keeping groomed brows is essential for any brow look, but what about when you’re running out the door and need a quick fix? If you have some strays beneath your brows with no time to groom, or you’re afraid of getting that post-plucking redness right before heading out, give this a whirl instead.

Try the tip:

Take a flat concealer brush, and load it up with a neutrally pigmented eyeshadow base. With the edge of the brush lined up directly alongside your desired brow shape, apply the base onto the skin with short, precise strokes. Try not to drastically alter your brow shape here, this is just meant to clean up the brows, not change them completely. Flip the flat brush over and load the opposite side with your favorite medium to high coverage concealer, and dab it along the same line, creating a clean edge. Apply a loose setting powder, then fill in your brows as usual. All together, you will create a sharp outline without removing any hairs! Now get out there and enjoy the night, because to everyone else, your brows are going to appear on fleek. 😉

4. Cheat your way to the PERFECT winged liner!

Okay guys, this is my personal FAVORITE liner trick. It’s been a life saver for me!!

Try the tip:

For winged liner in a flash, hover your pencil or angled brush loaded with your favorite liner over your lower lid line and pretend to trace upward and out toward the corner. When you reach the edge of the lower lid, continue tracing the same line and lightly press down on your pencil or angled brush, so that the wing seems to extend from the same line as your lower lid. Make sure that the liner doesn’t actually start at the lower lid, but just above and past it. Once your wing tip has its shape, connect it with small dash strokes to the rest of your regular upper lid liner. This should create the perfect wing for your unique eye shape, and can even help wings from disappearing in your crease for those of you with hooded eyes!

And there you have it!! 4 steps to fabulous! Try out these secret makeup tips and see the difference for yourself! Have fun playing up your features, beauties! <3



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