Makeup Transformation

Makeup Transformation

makeup transformationHey guys, who wants to see a celebrity makeup transformation? You do? Well hold on for this beautiful transformation as Kandee Johnson turn herself into Demi Lovato. Both natural beauties with obvious natural talents, and we love to enjoy the abilities they share with us. Let’s watch this makeup transformation video and learn as Kandee teaches us how we too can ace this pretty look. Get ready to get messy!!


  • Apply your favorite foundation all over your face.
  • Use a light hand, or even use a tinted moisturizer as an alternative to your foundation. You want your natural skin color to show through.


  • Contouring makeup is where Kandee’s artistry really amazes! To get this look, I just watched and paused the video, trying to highlight and contour by following Kandee’s map on her own face. It is like creating a sculpture of someone else’s face on your own. Kandee is amazing at makeup transformation. She can make herself look just like another person. It’s jaw dropping! And super cool!


  • Lock in our liquid creams and foundations with a powder by pressing the powder into the skin. Don’t wipe it on because that will just remove the foundation  you just applied. All of that contouring and highlighting will be lost, and that would be frustrating.


  • Using your largest fluffy shadow brush, apply an ivory foundation from the lower lids up into the brows.
  • Apply a black eye pencil to the lower water line of the eye.
  • Using your flat brush, apply black eye shadow to the top lash line, pressing it into the skin, which gives a perfect placed application.
  • Eyelashes
  • Use your eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes for this makeup transformation.
  • Prime them with your favorite primer.
  • Apply several coats of mascara, making sure to go upward and outwoard with you strokes.
  • Apply fake eyelashes to the outer corners to create Demi’s wispy eyelash look.


  • To get Demi’s bold eyebrows, take a dark brown gel liner or a dark brown eyeliner
  • Use short, angled strokes that replicate hair growth. demi’s eyebrows are almost flat at the top, with a slight angle on the outer corners.
  • Use a dark brown eyebrow gel with a mascara -like one to make up eyebrow hairs go straight up, like Demi’s.


  • Demi’s lips may look black in her photo, but it’s probably a very deep shade of wine or purple brown lip liner.
  • Apply to the bottom lip first, creating the lip shape that Demi has. You can follow what Kandee does in the video makeup transformation. Be as precise as possible, because it is hard to correct a color this dark.
  • Create demi’s sharp, 1920’s sharp cupid’s bow by drawing the center bow and the kind of pressing down to the side of the lips.
  • Once the cupid’s bow is drawn, press powder around the top lip to prevent any oils that might cause you flip liner to slide, or create any wobbles.
  • Fill the entire lip with the lipliner to create the look of a lip stain.
  • Apply a very dark cream lip color, using a  lip brush to fill in all of the details.
  • Take a loose silver pigment and apply to lower lip with a flat lip brush.

Arms, Neck, and Chest

  • Using a silver cream color designed for makeup, so it has no toxins that will be bad for your skin, apply all over your shoulders, neck, chest, and upper arms to create Demi’s silver look. Using a silver body paint stick, to create the liquid metal look on your arms.

There you go! You will have a total blast with the power of makeup transformation when you become this beautiful pop star, Demi Lovato!  Be sure to thank Kandee for this awesome tutorial by subscribing! Now go out and rock it!

Happy beautiful life!!


Have fun watching Kandee’s music video at the end. She is so talented and gorgeous!

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