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Makeup Tutorials

Wanna learn how to make your makeup stand out?? Makeup tutorials can help you learn the basics such as how to apply foundation or mascara, or more advanced things such as creating a perfect winged liner or sculpted face with contour makeup. I’ve compiled a list of THE BEST makeup tutorials on YouTube for every essential element of your everyday face!

Ready to learn from the best?? If you’re ready to  seriously level UP your makeup game, watch these top makeup tutorials right now!! Let’s get started!



Contour like a pro!!

For a sculpted, 3 dimensional look, chisel away at your face with contour makeup. Contouring is a technique where you manipulate the eye by creating shadows with makeup slightly deeper than your natural skin tone to mimic indentations and depth to the face. Contouring may be applied in order to minimize face size, deepen the hollows of the cheeks, strengthen the jawline, or slim the nose bridge. Coupled with good highlighting technique, you can bring your favorite features forward and downplay what you don’t like, or just use the techniques to better show off your natural bone structure as it is. Blend the highlight onto features you wish to appear more prominent, and contour the areas you wish to reduce or take the focus from. It’s all a trick of the light, so play it up to your best advantage!

Next up: foundation!

Here you will learn how to apply flawless foundation!! Broken down into 7 steps, so it’s easy to follow along! In steps 1 through 3, you’ll learn to properly moisturize the face for a flake-free, supple canvas, prime for ultimate staying power and smooth application, and of course what to do with the actual foundation product! But she doesn’t stop there, check it out to see what else Kandee does to achieve her perfect face. Besides just being her gorgeous self, of course! What I love about this video in particular is that she shows you the best drugstore makeup products that correspond with some high end ones as well, so you can go for this look no matter your beauty budget. She’s savvy like that! 😉

Lips are last!

This makeup tutorial is all about your pout: watch and learn how to fake lip injections with makeup! It’s pretty crazy what a little lip liner and a few tricks can do for your kisser. If you want fuller looking lips, this is the tutorial for you.

Alright, now that we’ve gotten our bases covered, we can have a little fun with these makeup tutorials! Tutorials can range from simple beauty tips to costume ideas, like cat makeup or even extreme transformation tutorials. They get pretty crazy!! But for now, let’s take a look at a bit of a combination… a tutorial that takes a costume look and makes it into a beautiful everyday go-to!

Everyday Pocahontas look!!!

Okay, maybe I’m a total geek, but there is just something magical about a Disney princess!! <3 This tutorial shows you how to channel your inner Pocahontas, EVERYDAY. That’s right, you can carry the colors of the wind with you on any regular day without looking costumey. The lip color here is absolute perfection, and Pocahontas’s animated eye shape is SO wearable as a heavier black liner! She nails this one, it really makes you feel like you can sing with all the voices of the mountain! :) Without looking like a cartoon, that is.

Lazy quick makeup 😛

This is the best tutorial for those lazy days when you just don’t have the umph to roll out your whole makeup kit. Learn how to apply makeup the laziest way possible, without looking like you rushed it! Maybe you’re super busy and in a time crunch, or you just want to sleep in until the last minute but STILL want to look put together. This tutorial lets you have your cake and eat it too! Go ahead and press snooze, because this quick lazy makeup look will have you up and out the door in minutes, even half asleep.

And there you have it! Five of the BEST makeup tutorials on the good ol’ internet. Have fun, be open-minded with new looks, and enjoy the possibilities!! Happy hunting!




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