Makeup Vanity Dresser

makeup vanity dresserMakeup Vanity Dresser

What girl hasn’t dreamed of her very own makeup vanity dresser? Watch any girly movie, and the favorite main character brushes her hair in front of her makeup vanity, while various thoughts and emotions crosses her lovely face. Disney princesses, cartoon characters, the glamorous women of the old movies, you name it. The makeup vanity has been around for a long time and will most likely stay around for years to come.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had the most magical makeup vanity dresser with mirror in her guest room, which was the room in which my family always stayed when we would go visit my grandparents. We would all pile into that sweet room, and for a whole week it was a giant, sensational, slumber party. I always looked forward to those times of everyone sleeping in the same room. It was so cozy, and there were no monsters under that bed, and it was the best sleep! My big strong daddy would take care of any scary figments of my imagination, and I had a very active one, so I loved those weeks of blissful sleep!

In that favorite room, centered on the wall, with its perfectly round mirror, and shaped like the ones in my favorite movies and books, was the most magical makeup vanity dresser that ever was. At that very table, my beautiful mother had played when she was a little girl, becoming every character she could dream up. I have a picture of her when she was about six years old, sitting at that makeup vanity, curls in her hair and mischievousness in her smile. On her wedding day, she sat on that special vanity chair as she put on her bridal makeup, preparing to walk down the aisle as the most beautiful bride, to marry her handsome groom.

Obviously, I am a hopeless romantic, and I love things like happily ever after, and dreams coming true; and sentimental things, like wearing my mom’s wedding gown. It was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen, with a long train, and beautiful lace sleeves, ending at a perfect point at the middle of her hands. The picture of her in that dress hung on the wall, close to that magical makeup vanity.

When I was three years old (yes, I started thinking about my handsome husband at a very tender age!), my mom let me try on that beautiful bridal gown. And, as you have probably guessed, the mirror where I got my first bridal glimpse, was the perfectly round one in the middle of the makeup vanity. I decided right then and there that I was going to wear that dress, handmade by my grandmother, in my own wedding. And I did, and I am living happily ever after. :)

That makeup vanity was a place where many memories and many fancy dresses, made from the old lace curtains and worn out dresses in the play clothes box, began. We girly cousins would spend hours, becoming princesses, belly dancers, ballerinas, brides, models, and what ever else seemed to suit our fancies. It was also where we spent countless time together, brushing one another’s hair and just talking and sharing our lives. Those were such sweet times, and though long gone, will live forever in my mind.

When my grandmother died, there were only two of her possessions that were important to me. her bedroom vanity dresser, of course, and the beautiful green dessert dishes that my cousin and I would pretend to sip champagne from, once we had dressed up in whatever characters we wanted to become. we had such fun, feeling all fancy and grown up.

I had the great fortune of being given the makeup vanity dresser and two of the  “champagne” flutes. I love that I can look at them, such them, and be able to go back to that magical, beautiful time of my life.

There are makeup vanity dressers in all shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and prices. my childhood vanity was made from the foot board of my bed. We cut the posts to make the legs, and it was painted so many times, according to my whims. It was the most fantastic piece of furniture I ever owned. I transformed from a ten year old girl into a grown woman in front of that mirror. From the average day to the important firsts, I sat before that mirror. First days of school, first dance, first piano recital first date, first prom. I prepared myself to walk down the aisle to my handsome husband in front of that mirror, at that makeup vanity table.

Every girl deserves a special place to dream and create her very own style. It can be very inexpensive all the way to very costly, but whatever you decide to do , remember that the girls through the generations will make very special memory at your makeup vanity dresser.

Happy beautiful life!!


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