Makeup Vanity

Makeup Vanity

makeup vanityWhen we decided to build our white farmhouse, one of the main things I desired to have was a built in makeup vanity with a mirror in the master bathroom. I have always been a hopeless romantic and severely nostalgic, so the idea of a makeup vanity that resembled those of past generations was somehow very appealing to my senses. I loved the idea of sitting there like the glamorous stars of the old movies, brushing my hair while my husband looked on in loving awe. I’m such a sap!

During the pursuit of this most elusive makeup vanity, we spent hours and hours perusing magazines and books for pictures of things we loved. We wanted our new house to feel like an old house, which meant we had to build in the character that comes with age. We put in 100 year old pine floors so that they would have that wonderful lived in feeling that we love. We built in lots of nooks and crannies to give interest and age to the¬†architecture of the house. Our builder and architect thought we were crazy when we asked that the kitchen and dining area be designed to look like we added it on later. That’s what people did to their old farm houses, and that’s what we wanted. It turned out better than we imagined!

My idea for my makeup vanity was that it would be in the shape of my grandmother’s makeup vanity dresser, where many of my favorite childhood memories were formed. There was a gorgeous dipped down center, where she stored her acrylic makeup organizer, which was filled with all of her lovely lotions and potions, lipsticks and foundations. She even had a couple of lipstick tubes that she allowed us to use for playing dress up! I wanted to be reminded of those happy memories every morning as I sat at my makeup vanity to get ready for the day.

I had intended to purchase an old makeup vanity and add two sinks on the raised ends, so that it could double for that as well. The only problem with that was the space was too large for a small vanity, so we needed to build one. The search was on for the perfect look for our master bathroom sink and makeup vanity with a mirror.

Turns out we found exactly what we were looking for on a trip to the beautiful hill country of Texas. We were having lunch in a restaurant that just happened to be in an old farmhouse! I went to the ladies room, and there was the perfect idea for my makeup vanity! It was built just as I had imagined, with sinks on two sides and the middle vanity area a few inches lower. I took pictures, gave them to my builder, and voila! The perfect makeup vanity came to life, right in my very own master bathroom! I couldn’t be happier! I am privileged to enjoy it every single day, and I am always grateful.

Sometimes we have to wait a very long time for our dreams to come true, but they are always worth the wait. Patience is a virtue that we have to seek and ask for. Sometimes we have to wait for years. Sometimes we don’t get that particular dream because there is something else that is better for us. Patience builds character and endurance. All good things are worth waiting for and most of them are way more important than the perfect makeup vanity. I am always thankful for the little things as well as the big ones!

Makeup vanities come in all shapes and sizes. When you are looking for your perfect makeup vanity, consider the space you have for it, your storage needs, and the style that makes you feel happy every morning as you sit down to get ready to take on the new day!

Happy beautiful life!!!



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