makeupMakeup: the ultimate form of self-expression. Why do women wear makeup? Is it because we think we are ugly? Because we have low self-esteem without it? Is it simply a society norm with no meaning whatsoever? Or is there something more to it, something deeper than impressing our peers with superficial beauty. Makeup is a form of art where your own face becomes your canvas. Makeup doesn’t box us in or make us conform; it sets us free to express ourselves in whatever way we choose! We can use makeup not as a way to hide ourselves, but as a way to show the world who we truly are. Makeup can help us transform ourselves into who we want to be, even if just for a night. Let’s open our minds and dive into the world of makeup, face first!!



We’ve all had those days. Maybe you’ve just been through a breakup, a negative change at work, or someone hurt your feelings, or maybe you’re the new girl at school. Regardless, we all have times where we feel small and weak, vulnerable and shy. When your confidence takes a knock and you’re feeling low, you have two options: you can wallow in self-doubt while new opportunities and chances for happiness pass you by, or you can choose to believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you’re amazing, and you CAN do it! You can overcome so much. Remind yourself how far you’ve come, or of times that you’ve felt this way in the past, and show yourself that you’re stronger than you ever knew.

Ready for a confidence boost? Go to the mirror right now. Look at your beautiful features: your eyes, your nose, lips, jawline, cheekbones. Think a positive thought about each feature. You are gorgeous! Now, select your favorite feature, or the feature you would like for people to notice more. Let’s say you love your eye color. Now, grab your makeup kit, and play those eyes up!! Choose complimentary eyeshadow colors, line them just right, give yourself some glam lashes, the whole nine yards! Now, when you go out in public, peoples’ eyes will be draw just here you want them: to your favorite feature! Instead of worrying about your appearance, just remember that everyone is only looking at your eyes. You will feel more confident knowing that your eyes draw the focus, so you can relax and enjoy yourself! Makeup is great for building confidence by giving you the control of where people look when you’re out and about.


Alright, new scenario. Let’s say you have a really big project to present at the office or at school, an you’re just not feeling like you can do it. Everyone gets nervous from time to time! Next time the butterflies hit, or you feel like something is too big or too scary to tackle, grab your favorite bold lipstick or shadow palette. Makeup can give you the courage to present with authority and strength! You will have everyone’s attention, and you will be taken more seriously, because you take yourself more seriously when you feel empowered! You are capable of anything you set your mind to!! It can be as simple as applying a sharp black liner and a polished lip to take you from feeling meek to feeling like a BOSS. Watch out, world, you mean business!!


Let’s just get right down to it: makeup is fun!! How cool is it to be able to transform yourself into whoever you want to be?? From costume makeup or Halloween ideas to the simple pop of color that no one is expecting, makeup can transform an average look to a fun, creative self-expression! With makeup, you can become someone new everyday. If you want to push your creative limits, try recreating one of Kandee’s transformation videos! Not quite your speed? Design a look that’s all your own. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box! New trends are created everyday, so why not be your own inspiration? Be a trend-setter, and don’t limit yourself by worrying what others will think! Makeup is an art form that you can draw and paint onto your own face, which is beyond cool if you ask me. Turn yourself from a sophisticated businesswoman to a flirty social butterfly to a glamorous Hollywood hottie with just a few flicks of a brush! Play with color, reshape your eyes, brows, and even entire face with makeup, and the best part? Once you’re ready to be something or someone else, wash your creation right off and start again!

Makeup should be a positive and fun addition to your life. Never use makeup to cover or hide behind, but instead as a way to showcase your beauty and your creativity, to empower yourself and boost confidence, and most importantly, to be free to express yourself and enjoy your beautiful face and personality!

Let’s explore the possibilities of makeup together. Inspiration is everywhere, so gather motivation and ideas from wherever you go and whoever you meet! Watch tutorials, clip makeup looks from magazines, and find color inspiration from the beautiful world around you. Get ready to feel artistic and confident with a little help from makeup!

Stay creative babes, you are gorgeous and deserved to feel confident every single day!

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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