Mango Nutrition

Mango Nutrition

mango nutritionSo you’d like to know about mango nutrition?  Turns out that mango fruit nutrition has given it the right to be crowned king of the fruits. That’s a pretty big deal when you consider all of the amazing fruits that grow all over the world. The mango was cultivated in India, but this terrific tropical fruit has found it’s way to many tropical locations. It is touted as the most widely consumed fruit in the world. That’s because it tastes so good! You’ve got to get you one!

The best mango I have ever eaten was purchased at a Farmers’ Market on the lush north shore of the beautiful island of Kauai. That delicious mango fruit nutrition rehydrated and reenergized me in the most fantastic way. There is nothing as good and satisfying as perfectly ripened fruit, picked fresh and eaten just after. All of the wonderful nutrition and mango health benefits were delivered to my body right there, surrounded by beautiful mountains and ocean views. What a wonderful moment that was! So let’s check out this amazing fruit!

Mango nutritonal benefits are helpful to our health because they contain nutrients that can help fight cancer, improve digestion, keep you from being too acidic, and help with weight loss.Mangos are agree addition to healthy diet.

How many mango calories are in one cup of cubed mango? Turns out only around 100 of the best tasting, nutrient-dense calories you can imagine! Here are our favorite ways to eat mango.

  • Slice and eat it just as it is.
  • Add those little cubes to your favorite fruit salad.
  • My favorite is to serve grilled salmon on a bed of greens and top it with slices of a ripe juicy mango.
  • Mango salsa is also completely amazing and versatile.

What ’s your favorite way to eat a mango?

Mango Health Benefits

Heart Health

Mango contains 7 percent of our daily potassium requirements, which is great news for our heart. Potassium is a must for keeping our heats beating correctly and our blood pressure in the healthy range. The high vitamin C content, a whopping 75% of your daily needs, plus the fiber and pectin, help to lower your cholesterol.The B vitamins, especially folate, which helps lower homocysteine levels, and vitamin B6, which helps with energy function, are an important part of mango nutrition.

Healthy ph Balance

Studies are showing that a slightly alkaline body fights disease better than an acidic one, and mango contains properties that help keep your body from being overly acidic.


Mango is full of antioxidants, and has been shown to be protective against colon, breast, leukemia, and prostate cancers.


Mango is high in fiber, including prebiotic fiber that helps feed the good bacteria in your gut. That is a great thing for your overall health, because a healthy gut is very important for a healthily body. Lots of us have problems breaking down protein, and mango has enzymes to help with that. He’s such a nice little guy!

Immune System

Thanks to the mighty punch of vitamin C, plus a healthy dose of vitamin A and beta carotenoids, mango helps you stay strong and healthy.


Mango is a great help in reversing and preventing anemia, due to its high iron content.

Skin and Hair

Turns out that the vitamin A and the vitamin C in mango nutrition will help you have stronger, healthier skin and hair by increasing the collagen in your skin and the moisture in your hair (similar to the vitamin value found in orange nutrition).It’s a skin care miracle! Plus it is juicy and delicious!

Allergy to Mango

If you are allergic to latex, you could also be allergic to mango, so avoid it if you think you could be allergic.

As always, eat in balance and consume a wide variety of healthy foods for your strong healthy body. Mango nutrition is a great choice and a tasty treat!

Happy beautiful life!!


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