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Don’t have a favorite mascara yet? Take the eyelash challenge and discover your lushest lashes ever! There are so many different types of mascara formulas and wands to choose from! Drugstore and luxury brands come in many varieties, and choosing a new mascara can be tricky to do. These tips will help you select the product that is best for your lashes, as well as your preferred eye makeup look! Let’s jump right in and find out what kind of eyelash extension is right for you!


First let’s watch this fun eye makeup challenge between Kandee Johnson and her mom. Whose favorite brand will win?

Types of Mascara:


Lengthening Mascara

There are several main types of mascara that are formulated for certain and particular looks. If your main goal with your mascara is to extend the length of your eye lashes, then a lengthening formula is your best bet! Lengthening mascaras often have a thinner texture, and cling to each lash separately. Usually, I find that my lengthening mascaras are less prone to clumping, which is definitely a bonus! Some lengthening mascaras even contain fibers that build length past your natural lashes, or form tubes around the lashes that actually create more length. It’s pretty amazing what they can do with mascara formulas!


Volumizing Mascara

It can be a challenge within itself to find a good volume-building mascara that doesn’t create clumps but when you find one that works for your lashes, you will absolutely love the doll-like effect it can give you! Pump up the drama with a set of glam lashes by using a slightly thicker formula mascara that is made specially for adding volume to your lashes. Usually, a volume mascara will be super buildable, so you can continue applying coat after coat until your desired volume level is achieved. Glam it up, girl!


How do you take on the mascara challenge and discover your new go-to mascara? First, have an open mind! Don’t try out only lengthening mascaras without giving volumizing mascaras a fair chance, and vice versa! Next, simply try one or two mascaras from each group, and narrow down which category best fits your preferences. Now it’s all about samples! Find free makeup samples at Ulta, Sephora, and makeup counters everywhere, and test out some drugstore options as well! You will have your new favorite mascara in no time. Get out there and bat those lashes, babes!


Have fun playing up your features, beauties!




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