My Moms Makeover

My Moms Makeover

my moms make-overHey guys, check out this amazing video called “My Moms Makeover,” in which Kandee makes her beautiful mom look more then twenty years younger. In the blink of an eye, with just a few strategic strokes, Kandee turns her already pretty mother into a fierce and flawless glamour model. There is no reason to worry about getting older with Kandee’s awesome anti-aging tutorial and this very helpful, inspiring video full of makeover tips.

Makeover Makeup

Using her perfect foundation techniques, Kandee creates a flawless canvas on which to work her magic. You can see that her mom’s already gorgeous skin, glows even more with her strategically placed contour and highlighting techniques. Kandee has already taught us so much about contouring makeup and highlighting, so check out those videos for her easy, step-by-step video instructions. In order to add even more dimensions to our already multi dimensional faces, it is really fun to learn great contouring techniques. The contour application can actually change features  we may not love, while making the most of our best! I really love that! The highlighter helps give us such a beautiful, glowing, young, and dewy finish, that our inner beauty shines even more!

Did you notice that she darkened and thickened her mom’s eyebrows quite a bit? That was a bit eye opening for me. 😉 I had always been taught that lighter, thinner brows would be less aging to a person. Kandee has taught us that more eyebrows creates a younger look (you can believe I have started doing this!), and here we have the visual proof in her “My Mom’s Make-Over video. That one little step literally took years off!  Maybe in a time crunch, just cover your little trouble spots with concealer, do your brows, and throw on a little pinkish lip balm. That would make a quick , gorgeous, very natural, no filter, no makeup look. No one would have to know you had gone to a little bit of trouble :) I would love to see Kandee’s beautiful mom with only that amount of makeup!  (hint hint)

Another surprise for looking younger, for me anyway, is that Kandee used liquid eyeliner to make a beautiful cat eye on her mom’s eyelids. She only lines the top lid, and it actually opens her beautiful eyes, making her look years younger! Who would have thought? Add the false eye lashes and mascara and the wow factor is off the charts!

Makeover Cosmetic

The  soft pinks and taupes of her eyeshadow really open her eyes, drawing attention to the brightness and twinkles in her eyes. Notice that she does add depth at the crease and outer edge in My Mom’s Make-Over, but the darker color is still very close to natural. No deep pigmented colors here for this anti-aging look!  Everything about it looks so soft and youthful. Everything is perfect blended and pinkish, and completely fabulous! You may have noticed that Kandee did a lot of the application and blending with her favorite, the Beauty Blender. It really does create such smoothness that I am ordering my today!

Her cheeks are beautifully contoured with a soft bronzer to create that beautiful depth and dimension to her cheek area, making her oh so glam! Just above the bronzer, on the cheekbone, she applies a light dusting of pink, shimmery blush so that her mom looks like a pretty blushing bride. With a quick dab of highlight on he top of her cheekbone, just where the sun would shine, the glow is fully accomplished! What a beauty!

We thought Kandee and her mom looked alike before, but after watching My Mom’s Make -Over, we think they could be twins! It’s so much fun to see how they love one another and the joy they both have in their hearts. Two truly beautiful women, with beautiful hearts!

Happy beautiful life!


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