Naked 2 Palette

Naked 2 Palette

naked 2 palette

naked 2 palette

The Naked 2 Palette is definitely way up there on my list of favorite eye makeup palettes. I think I could be very happy if I were limited to the Naked 2 Palette and the soon to be on the market Naked Palette 4! I love the colors in both palettes, and they are different enough to create any eye makeup look of my choosing.

I love the matte colors, and the Naked 2 Palette has several that are so pretty and go on so smoothly. The deeper shimmery colors go on smoothly as well, and they catch the light in just the perfect way. This eye makeup palette has various intensities of some of my favorite hues, so it is fun and easy to build depth and dimension. the more depth and dimension, the more your eyes just pop.

And, even the names of the colors are fun! If you know me, you know that I like to have fun, right down to makeup application! Urban Decay does a good job of entertaining me during the process of making up my eyes! Silly maybe, buy hey! Somebody is doing a great job in marketing their products to someone like me!

Kandee Johnson loves the Naked 2 Palette too, and she has created a tutorial review for us using this awesome palette. Like me, she loves the cool, smoky, smoldery colors, and the fact that there are several flat matte colors. We even have the same favorite and I’m not even teasing! It’s called tease! Seriously. You have to try it because it is just so pretty!

You can create some beautiful smoky eye looks, or you can go completely natural (like, who has to know you’re wearing makeup kind of natural – ha!), or you can create a completely naked eye. You can use the rosier colors to create a soft, romantic look, or the taupe and smoky colors to create a sexy cat eye, or combine the colors using your own creativity to design your look of the day! Makeup is fun, so experiment away!

If you would like to watch Kandee’s review, it’s right here for you! You can thank her by subscribing to her YouTube channel. One click on “subscribe” one time will do the trick! Enjoy!

There you go! I hope you have fun creating your prettiest look with the Naked 2 Palette! Put on your prettiest smile and let your heart shine through. Go out and make someone’s day with your kindness and beautiful heart!

Happy beautiful life!

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