Naked Basics Palette

Naked Basics Palette

naked basics paletteThe Naked Basics Palette may just be the ticket for all of you bustling, busy, beauty babes! It just might become your go-to Naked Makeup Palette. Easy breezy, simple beauty! Now that’s what I’m talking about! No more trial and error with boatloads of color choices for your everyday go to makeup look. Just up and at ’em, and jump into your makeup for the day! Nice and worn-in, soft and comfortable, just like your favorite pair of jeans, or that perfect old flannel shirt that used to belong to your grandpa. Just pure ease and comfort. Warm and familiar. Quick and easy. If you are looking for something new with more eye makeup looks, you might want to check out the upcoming Naked Palette 4. There are some gorgeous new earthy tones that are just so beautiful you may not be able to resist. Just fair warning!

Makeup is such a fun avenue for self-expression! Sometimes you may feel like going all-out, and taking the time to create one of many more dramatic looks, like the smoky eye, or a very sexy cat eye. You may want to layer several different colors and textures to add dimension and depth to set the mood for your look of choice. Some days you just feel more daring than others. Some days you really feel like dressing up and taking center stage. Other days, you just want to look natural, cozy, and approachable, but are not necessarily wanting to put it all out there and be front and center. Those are the days that the Naked Basic Palette may be all you need. It is definitely my favorite daily go-to. Just like you, I want to look my best every day, but my busy schedule doesn’t always allow for much getting ready time, so I reach for my trusted and familiar Naked Basics Palette.

The small hard case allows me to carry the Naked Makeup Palette with me everywhere I go, even when I travel. I am all about things that can simplify my life and leave more time for enjoying each moment. Life is sweet, and every day is a gift to be savored and appreciated. I really hate it when I get caught up in things that don’t really matter in the long run and miss out on the beauty of the present moment. You guys all know the pressure we girls feel to look a certain way, achieve, achieve, achieve, blah, blah blah. While it does make us feel good to look our best, and it is important to make the most of our gifts and opportunities, it is the relationships we have that ultimately make our lives. The people that we love and the people that we can help are what will give our lives the most meaning and happiness. It’s the kindness of our beautiful hearts that matters most. That encouraging word, that bright smile, or helping hand. Looking outward to the people around us, forgetting about ourselves and being a light in the world. Too much inward speculation is unhealthy and unproductive. Our looks, while important to a degree because it boosts our confidence to present ourselves well, are way down the list of important attributes. The fruits of the spirit are where true beauty is found. Those fruits are what will draw people and give you a platform to spread love and kindness, and ultimately change your world, one person at a time.

Those are the main reasons I love a simple makeup routine that includes the Naked Basics Palette. I can quickly throw together a very pretty, natural eye makeup look, and then get on with my day. I can carry the makeup palette with me, and apply the black as a simple eyeliner, create a smoky eye, or a very dramatic cat eye, if I need a more dressed-up makeup look later in the day, or for the evening. I can use the shimmery light colors to add highlights to my eyes, tops of my cheeks, and bridge of my nose. In a pinch, I can contour my cheekbones and sides of my nose with either there Naked 2 or Faint. Those colors are also awesome for contouring my eyes and adding depth and dimension should I so desire. It’s just a simple and versatile palette.

naked basics palette    The Colors

  • Venus – a soft, off white demi matte that has just the perfect amount of shimmer
  • Foxy – a cream bisque matte with just a hint of soft shimmer
  • Walk of Shame – a very light nude matte that I like to use as my defining color during the day.
  • Naked2 – a taupe matte that adds beautiful depth without being too dark for a very natural look.
  • Faint   a warm, dusty brown matte that I  to use to create more drama for evening or those daring days 😉
  • Crave  Deepest, darkest brown/black that I love to use as eyeliner, or over my eyeliner, and to add depth to the outer corners of my eyes.


There you go guys! My honest review of the Naked Basics Palette, which really is my daily go-to. I think you will love it and I know it will serve you well. You really can create so many gorgeous looks with these beautiful colors, that I believe it’s well worth the money. It goes on beautifully, depositing long-lasting color evenly. It blends easily to a natural finish and lasts for hours and hours. I think it’s beautiful and easy to use.

I hope you enjoy your Naked Basics Palette an that you make the most of this beautiful day. Choose joy today. Happiness is a choice!

Happy beautiful life!!


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