Naked Makeup Palette

Naked Makeup Palette

naked makeup paletteThe Naked Makeup Palette is the bomb, and is definitely my personal favorite of eyeshadow makeup palettes. The colors are beautiful, and can be used for that natural naked eye look. No one has to know it’s not entirely natural  ;). I love that I can go from the completely bare look, which is my daily go to since I’m often incorporating my workouts into my lunch break and crazy work schedule, to various layers of dramatically beautiful looks.  Also, I might just be too lazy to go to much makeup trouble unless I’m going to be on camera, or it’s a fancier occasion than my usual. Let’s be honest… Nah, let’s blame it on my awesome commitment to fitness, excellence in all of my roles, and hoping to achieve natural beauty. (ahem) :) Or to the fact that mainly I just love to have fun!

I also have sensitive skin, and my eyes are easily irritated, but I am able to use every color in this Naked Makeup Palette without any negative outcome. That is really great for me, because, all kidding aside, I really do like to look as pretty as I can, and I really do want world peace, to quote one of my all time favorite movies. Haha. Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite natural beauties. Girls always love her movies!  Anyway, back to the wonderfully versatile Naked Makeup Palette!

The new Urban Decay Naked Palette has 12 beautiful shades that can be used to create various smoky eye looks. I just love this palette and am having fun experimenting with all of the possibilities of magnificent eye looks. It’s fun to tap into my inner artist and, using Kandee’s Johnson’s tutorials, try my hand at creating a more beautiful eye. I love that it contains 4 matte colors, 4 soft luster sheens, and 4 more shimmery sheens. I much prefer the shimmery look over the glittery look, just because I like a more natural glow.

The colors are gorgeous with various pinks, browns, earthy tones, grays, blues, purples, and black. You’ll have a great time playing with all of the looks you can make with the Naked makeup palette. I really like all of them, but this is my all time favorite. At least so far!:)

And, guys, lucky for us, Kandee has created a video review of the new Urban Decay Smoky Naked Makeup Palette, for us, and you can watch it below.

Just be sure to thank her by subscribing to her YouTube channel so that she can continue to  make all of her awesome tutorials for all of us beauty babes! Check it out! NEW Naked Makeup Palette 4

Kandee loves this Smoky Naked Makeup Palette more than the other Naked Palettes, because she really loves the amazingly beautiful colors; and she loves that it contains not only the sheen colors and non-glittery shimmery colors, but has 4 – count them, FOUR! – matte colors. She really loves the matte look, and so do I. They just help create such a beautiful and natural makeup look. Her eyes look amazing in this video, and she is obviously a beautiful woman, but if you watch her many makeup tutorials, and check around this website for great makeup tips, you will be looking fabulously flawless and glamorous, just like she does!

Well, there you have it. Our honest take on the Urban Decay Makeup Palette. It is one of the best makeup palettes around, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Well, I’m off to try the smoky eye look that Kandee just showed us. Wish me luck! And be sure to check out the latest Kandee Johnson vlog on her YouTube channel. Love you guys!

Happy beautiful life!


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