Naked Palette 4

Naked Palette 4

naked palette 4Guys, I’m so excited to tell you about the new Naked Palette 4 from Urban Decay! Word on the street is that it will be coming out around Christmas, just in time for all the holiday festivities! I’m excited about trying a new smoky eye makeup look for Christmas Eve! You know that I love the Urban Decay Naked Makeup Palette for lots of reasons. One of the main reasons is that the ingredients are easy on the sensitive skin around my eyes. I can’t wear a lot of brands because they irritate my eyes, but I can wear every color in the Naked Palettes, except for the deeply pigmented purples. Truly though, that small limitation still gives me so many color choices and so many possible eye makeup looks, from naked to crazy smoky eyes. Daytime to dinner. Work to an dressy evening affair. School day to prom night. There is something for everyone and every occasion. The Naked Palette 4 will be another opportunity to experiment with new makeup ideas. That’s always fun!

I also love the smooth application of the Naked Palettes, and the fact that they stay on my eyelids, rather than sliding off. I do try to use an eyelid primer, but even when I forget, or run out of mine (as is the current case), it still stays on all day or all evening. Sometimes I dab a little loose powder on top just to set things a little better, and that seems to do the trick as well as a primer. However I choose to apply the palette, it always goes on smoothly and blends easily.

When traveling, I love that the Naked Makeup Palettes always safely make the trip. The pretty colors are packaged safely in a sturdy case, and I can usually choose just one palette to cover everything I need for the trip. Convenience goes a long way with me!


The Naked Palette 4 has some gorgeous, earthy colors.

  • naked palette 4earthy shades of green,
  • some gorgeous coppers,
  • several pretty browns
  • several shades of taupes
  • a pretty burgundy
  • several shades of gold
  • perfect nude shades
  • deep black which is great for eyeliner





It looks like the Naked Makeup Palette 4 might contain 6, count them, 6 matte colors!

The matte colors are almost always my favorites. I love the matte finish best, because I think it looks the most natural, which just happens to be my favorite makeup look.

naked palette 4

The Naked Palette 4 also has more shimmery colors than glittery colors!

More shimmer and less glitter is also a win in my book. The shimmery colors catch just the right amount of light, and yet still appear soft and natural.

I think Naked Makeup Palette 4 will work beautifully with brown, green, or hazel eyes!


There are enough variations of the shadows to flatter any of those eye colors. Just use your own creativity to come up with the most beautiful makeup look for your gorgeous eyes.

Once this lovely Naked Palette 4 hits the stores, we will be purchasing it and will give you our best and most honest review, ASAP!!

Happy beautiful life!!!

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