Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup
natural makeup

It’s all about that natural beauty, babes!! Let’s talk about natural makeup, and what you can do to achieve that #iwokeuplikethis flawless face. 😉

5 steps to creating PERFECT natural makeup!!

1. Natural complexion

Step number one, conceal to DEEMPHASIZE, not to HIDE.

When applying foundation and concealer normally for a full-makeup look, we tend to try and completely cover up every tiny blemish or unevenly toned area of the face. However, if you really want to keep your face fresh and your makeup invisible, what you want is to simply lessen the appearance of the blemishes, redness, or changes in tone. Remember, your goal when applying natural makeup is to enhance your own natural beauty by making MAXIMUM impact with MINIMUM noticeability! This technique will trick the eye so that not only will no one notice your imperfections, but they also won’t notice the makeup covering them!

How to apply secret concealer:

Start with a fresh face that has been cleansed and moisturized. Since this is completely a natural makeup look, we’re going to skip the foundation. If you feel you need a bit more coverage, opt for a bb or cc cream, but if you just have a few blemishes or normal discoloration, try opting out altogether! Take your favorite concealer, and dab it onto your clean ring finger. Here’s the trick!! Instead of applying it in goopy dots directly along the under eyes and on redness, first roll the pad of the finger onto the back of your opposite hand, until you can begin to see the outlines of your fingerprint through the makeup. Now press it onto your face in a rolling motion in desired areas. This will make sure your application is translucent enough to look natural, while still providing a thin and perfectly blended coverage to the areas you wish to deemphasize.

I know what your’e thinking… Okay, that’s fine and all, but I can still see my dark circles and discolorations!!

Yes, YOU can still see them, but no one else will ever notice them, which brings us to part two:

give them something to look at!!!

2. Highlight strategically

If you want to successfully take attention away from what you consider to be imperfections with the most natural finish possible, you need to draw the eye elsewhere. Create attention-catching features by dusting a translucent highlighter to the highest plains of your face, such as the nose bridge, forehead, inner corners of the eyes, cupid’s bow, chin, and jawline. Your highlight may have a shimmery finish, but make sure that it doesn’t have a glittery texture. Test out a powder highlighter on the back of your hand. If you can see sparkly flakes, it has a glitter texture and it will not look natural enough for your natural makeup look! We are going for a beautiful, natural glow from within here, so make sure that the highlighter you choose to work with is either a matte highlight several shades lighter than your own skin tone, or a very slight shimmer highlight with a natural finish— not too glossy! All we are trying to do here is play up your features and give the eye something to notice, and in doing so, decreasing the noticeability of imperfections. Finish the face off with a dusting of translucent powder and you’re all set! Literally. 😛

3. Shape those brows!

For a natural eyebrow look, put down the pencil and ditch the gel! We are going for completely soft, no-makeup, zero-effort-required looking brows. The eyebrows frame the face, so even though we don’t want the makeup to be seen, we DO want the brows to show up! If you haven’t already, make sure you start with groomed brows. You don’t want a bunch of messy strays to get in the way of your naturally beautiful brow shape! That being said, you definitely don’t want to over pluck or go for any extreme arch shapes for your natural look. Once your stray hairs are cleaned up from beneath your brows, take a soft taupe powder (brow powder or just eye shadow, whatever you have on hand) and load it up onto your flat angled brush. Sweep it along your brows, keeping a fuller, straighter shape for the ultimate fresh-faced effect. If you prefer a bit more definition, load a small amount of a medium brown shade onto the brush, tapping off any excess, and lightly go back over just the back half of the brows. Once most of the color has been applied, run it along the entire brow in feathery strokes so that the color change is not noticeable. I don’t think the the baleyage trend extends to eyebrows!! 😉

Finish off by brushing gently upward with a spoolie brush, and your beautifully natural eyebrows are all done! So now you’ve got a pretty complexion, a “glow from within,” fresh, full brows… what’s missing?

4. Natural eye makeup!

You know in movies, when the girl just wakes up, and she seems to be completely barefaced and beautiful? That’s what we’re going for with this eye makeup! You want this eye makeup to appear seamless to your skin, which means blend, blend, blend. After applying a good eye shadow base in a nude color, take your fluffy shadow brush and load it up with a flesh-toned color. Make sure that it has a matte finish! Dust it all over your lids, from the lash line to the brow bone. With a smaller brush, run the same color along your lower lid, sweeping from the inner corner out. Take your fluffy shadow brush again, and load it with a slightly peachy color, or a color with a hint of rose color to it. Apply this to the center of the lid, and brush it over the lower lid as well. Next, take a taupe color, load up your brush, and apply it into the crease, blending out until you can’t see any edges or lines. The taupe color will act as contour, creating natural looking shadows and deepening your crease. Run this color along just the outer third of the lower lid.

Liner time!!

Take a soft brown liner, and load it up on your angled liner brush. After removing any excess makeup from the brush, apply the liner with a stamping motion directly into the upper lash line. You shouldn’t be able to see the liner on your eyelid, it should only thicken the appearance of your lashes. With a cotton swab, gently pull the eyelid upward, and line your waterline with the gel liner. When you are finished, your eyes should look more defined without the appearance of having on any eyeliner.

Now, take a nude colored pencil, and trace the lower waterline to clean up and brighten the eyes.

Lastly for the eyes, gently curl your lashes, and comb through with a soft black or a brown mascara. Don’t try to wiggle back and forth or spend a lot of time here, because you aren’t going for volume and length— just definition! You want your lashes to almost appear wet instead of super dark. Make sure to tip the ends, and you’re good to go!

5. Lips! <3

Men have spoken: natural lips are just more kissable! 😉 To make sure your lips are luscious without being obviously made-up, opt for a soft nude color. Tones to try: a warm caramel, a mellow, peachy shade, or a neutral color just a shade or two darker from your skin. A pretty pink is also a nice natural option, but just make sure you go with a soft, translucent shade. Don’t apply a full coverage lipstick in any color, because it will show up too much for your natural makeup look! Instead, try a sheer lipstick, or even better, a tinter lip balm. Lips should look moist and dewy, and with just a kiss of color. *muah!*

Tada! Your natural makeup is all finished. :) You should feel fresh and youthful. You’ll be confident without looking like you have on a stitch of makeup! Trust me, EVERYONE will be wanting to know your secret! Just tell them, it’s natural. :)

Enjoy this look, you natural beauty!



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