NYX Makeup

NYX Makeup

NYX makeupEver tried a NYX makeup product? I can’t walk into Ulta without stopping by the NYX aisle and checking out what steals there might be! NYX Cosmetics is a fantastic brand of affordable yet HIGH quality makeup!

NYX Makeup Reviews!!

I cannot get enough of NYX makeup products for the lips!! I have severely of the retractable lip liners, and they do the job just as well as my expensive versions! And, hello, they’re only $4.50! That is definitely a deal. For a matte look, I like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. It comes in a bottle with a wand, but instead of coming out sticky and gooey like with a gloss, the wand comes out almost dry when coated with the matte formula. Although it looks powdery, it goes on surprisingly smoothly, and the color payoff is great! You definitely want to make sure you blot your lip color after application with this product, however, because the makeup can appear unnatural if you don’t take care to blot and blend. Once it’s set in though, it stays pretty well, and the finish is gorgeous!

Alright, the matte lip cream is great, but nothing can beat my personal favorite and everyday go-to, the Butter Lip Balm! Omg, the texture is perfectly smooth and hydrating, and the sheer color is just enough for a simple everyday look! It comes in plenty of colors, including pretty pink blush tones, red, nudes, and caramels. I love Biscotti! I like this NYX makeup product because it fits in my clutch or pocket and I can just swipe it on with no mirror, and it still looks good! Easy application for on-the-go is essential for busy days or situations where you might want to do a quick touch up but don’t have a mirror or makeup bag available!

I’ve saved the best for last: my secret weapon, the NYX makeup Wonder Pencil!!! It really is a wonder, because it has such versatility! I love a multitasking product, and this one performs well in 3 different areas. It’s small and easily toted in any purge or bag, because it’s only the size of a regular eyeliner! What can the NYX Wonder Pencil be used for??

  1. It’s a great concealer! I love using this pencil for concealing tiny blemishes or red marks, or even drawing criss-crossing patterns across areas that I wish to brighten or conceal and blending out with my clean ring finger. Use it to conceal small areas that a larger concealer pen or brush wouldn’t fit into, or just as a touch up product for just in case!
  2. Eye brightening super powers!! I seriously line my waterline with this pencil everyday, because I find that its nude color looks more natural than a white eyeliner, and it works just as well as the luxury brand nude liners! I also take the Wonder Pencil and apply it to my inner corners, and if I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to highlight, I’ll even apply it on my brow bones and down my nose bridge for an instant 3D effect to help enhance my features.
  3. Perfect lipstick! This liner provides a sharp edge to any lip color, especially a dark lippie or a classic, sleek red lip. Line the edges of your lips to prevent bleed from your lipstick color and make the lips really pop! If I’m not wearing a lipstick, I will still use this pencil to enhance my lips by drawing a bit of the nude color onto my cupid’s bow, and in the center of my bottom lip. I blend it out just slightly with the tip of my pinky finger and apply my lip balm (usually NYX Bisctotti, I told you, I’m obsessed!) as usual. Bam! Lips are poppin’, and it only cost me $4.50!!

Is NYX makeup good? Yes! It’s some of the best makeup you can get at drugstore prices, and even makeup professionals will tell you that it is pretty comparable to the luxury brand makeup lines! So go out and feel like you’re splurging with some low-budget, high-quality makeup! NYX makeup could be one of your new go-to makeup brands.

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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