Orange Nutrition

Orange Nutrition

orange nutritionOrange nutrition is delightful, delectable, and delicious! This sweet and juicy treat is packed with vitamin C and great flavor, making it one of the most popular fruits. Did you know that people have been enjoying the orange since 4000 BC? That is a lot of oranges consumed, so there really must some great benefits for including the juicy orange in your healthy diet.

It turns out that not only is it delicious, but that orange fruit nutrition packs a mighty wallop in the fight against disease. For such a cute little fruit, you will be amazed at all of the awesome things it can do to keep you strong and healthy. Fortunately, the size of the orange, combined with its thick peeling, make this an easy snack to carry on the go – one of the best fast food choices!.

Oranges provide a great boost to your immune system. They can help you have better skin, which is always a plus. :) Your heart can be healthier with orange nutrition, because this sweet treat can help lower cholesterol, and do other wonderful things for your heart. Let’s look a little further to see what this yummy fruit can actually do for us!


Turns out that oranges are helpful in managing diabetes in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. It is actually considered a diabetic superfood because of its high fiber content. Fiber helps slow down digestion, preventing dangerous blood sugar spikes, and can help improve insulin resistance.


The high fiber content of the orange is great in helping your digestive tract run smoothly and efficiently. This also helps keep that stomach nice and flat! :)

Immunity Booster

Orange nutrition is very high in vitamin C. Vitamin C neutralizes those nasty free radicals that are running around, trying to make you sick with things like heart disease, or even the common cold. The vitamin C content of that daily orange can give your immune system a mighty boost!


Wow! It turns out that oranges are also great for your heart. The high fiber binds with cholesterol and sends it on its way through the elimination process. Potassium is essential to keep your delicate electrolytes in balance, so that your heart keeps beating normally. Oranges are loaded with minerals too! Potassium also plays a role in preventing strokes and can even lower your blood pressure.

Folate, a B vitamin that is an important part of keeping your homocysteine levels in range, is found in high quantities in orange nutrition.


Beautiful skin is also a gift provided by vitamin C. The protection from the damage of the sun combined with its role in building collagen makes vitamin C a big player in the fight against wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and loss of elasticity. That orange packs a big beauty punch as well!


The vitamin C in oranges has been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer and the risk or childhood leukemia.


Vitamin A is important in the prevention of age-related eye diseases, and can also help with night vision. Yep! Oranges are rich in vitamin A too!

With all of those benefits, I am surely going to get my daily orange! There are many ways to enjoy them. You will want to get your orange nutrition from the fruit, and not from commercial orange juice, if you want to watch your waist line.

Just stick with one a day, because as with everything, you want to be balanced. Shoot for no more than 2,000 mg a day of vitamin C. You can even eat the peeling! It contains more goodies than the juicy flesh, but it can taste very bitter. You can also just eat the fruit and the white pithy part, and leave the skin. You can grate the peeling and add the orange zest to many recipes.

Be creative and see how many ways you can add navel orange nutrition to your daily healthy diet. Your body will thank you!

Happy beautiful life!


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