Organic Makeup

Organic Makeup

organic makeup

Organic makeup: should you make the switch? Check out these two incredibly unique and beautiful organic makeup brands! Many of us are beginning to realize that taking care of our bodies extends past just getting to the gym. What we eat, and the products we put on our skin, really make a difference in our overall health and well-being! The world of beauty is beginning to tilt in the direction of natural and organic makeup and skin care products. Want to jump on the organic makeup train? These two trust-worthy, organic makeup brands won’t have you feeling deprived of your beauty must-haves. The best part? Both of these brands have something UNIQUE and amazing about their products! You may be surprised by some of these ingredients!


I absolutely love this brand, because not only is it certified organic, but it also contains essential oils, vitamins, and minerals for an extra dose of healthy beauty with each application!

The cool factor:

The craziest thing about this brand? It’s actually MADE from FLOWERS!!! How freaking awesome is that? With ingredients like rose buds, jasmine buds, geranium flower oil, and soothing aloe vera, you can rest assured that the products going onto your skin are straight from nature. Feel like a mermaid decorating your face with the natural beauty of flowers!


Certified organic, not tested on animals (yay!), paraben free, no petrochemicals, talc free, and absolutely no GM ingredients. Sounds purely amazing to me!

Zuii Organic fave to add to your bag:

Certified Organic Flora Blush

It’s vegan friendly, and made from rose petals and other organic flowers with healing and medicinal properties. And the tones are so pretty!


Another unique and extremely health-conscious brand or organic makeup is RMS Beauty. When the creator of RMS Beauty began feeling the ill-effects of heavy metal buildup and toxins in her body, she was shocked to find out that this came from working in the cosmetics industry. From that day forward, she worked to create beauty products with natural, organic ingredients that would provide safe beauty to all women, and not cause adverse effects on their health!


Certified organic, gluten free, soy free, nano free, GMO free, and not tested on animals!! A big win all around in the organic makeup book. Color cream products are packaged in recyclable glass with recyclable aluminum lid instead of plastic. Another detail adding up to a pretty awesome product line!

The cool factor:

ALL of the RMS Beauty products are made with certified organic, raw, virgin coconut oil!! This high quality oil is rich in auric acid and contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which actually helps to clear the skin of acne! What?? An oil that will CLEAR breakouts??! Crazy-talk! But this brand has the science to back it up, and your skin and body will feel as amazing as it looks. :)

RMS fave to add to your bag:

The “un” cover-up!

Apply this moisturizing, healing product as a foundation or a light concealer to hydrate the skin while covering redness and imperfections. With 5 available colors, you can find your best match, and even use a deeper shade as a contour! The “un” cover-up revitalizes skin with use, so your skin will actually become more beautiful by itself, instead up just covering it up everyday.

Give the organic makeup thing a try, even if it’s just swapping out one or two of these products for your regular synthetic options. Notice the difference in your skin, and maybe even your overall health! You will feel so good knowing that what you are absorbing through your skin is adding health to your body, not toxins. With organic makeup, you’ll be looking gorgeous AND taking your health to a new level!

Enjoy experimenting with healthy organic makeup, beauties!



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