best drugstore makeup

Best Drugstore Makeup

Best Drugtore Makeup   Learn how to build you own, personalized beauty budget pyramid, and choose from my list of the best drugstore makeup options on the market! In a perfect world, we would all be able to splurge on every luxury brand product the we swoon over at the makeup counters or, even more dangerously, at and Sephora. However,… Read more →

eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Makeup Which form of eyebrow makeup is right for you?? There are sooo many options out there for filling out your perfect brow, so let’s break it down and talk about the TOP THREE methods for applying eyebrow makeup! We’ll look at the three most popular formulas on the beauty market, and you can decide which one fits your… Read more →

egg nutrition

Egg Nutrition

EGG NUTRITION Egg nutrition facts have been the topic of conversation in the world of nutrition for many years. For quite a few years they were given a bad rap as a contributor to heart disease. Great news for all of you egg loving babes! Turns out the egg has so many health benefits, that they are back on the… Read more →

kat von d shoe and closet tour

Kat Von D Shoe and Closet Tour

 Kat Von D Shoe and Closet Tour with Kandee Johnson   Kandee Johnson and Kat Von D are together again in this video, Kat Von D Shoe and Closet Tour!!! OMG!!! How much awesomeness can be packed into one place? We know that Kandee Johnson is a truly wonderful person. We know her and have spent time with her, and… Read more →

eye makeup

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Eyes: the window to the soul! Give your soul a beautiful window frame with eye makeup. With infinite options of products, looks, tutorials, and shapes, tackling eye makeup can be a bit overwhelming! Let’s break it down and get to the good stuff, with a little help from Kandee, of course! Eye Makeup Look Number 1: Clean, winged… Read more →

sleeping beauty

Sleeping Beauty

  Sleeping Beauty   Good morning, Sleeping Beauty! How was your night? Did you sleep well? Do you feel refreshed and ready to go have a wonderful day? It takes about seven to nine hours of solid, restful sleep to awake feeling refreshed and ready to go. Sleep often goes wanting because of all of the other things we need… Read more →

Kandee Johnson-the bad day Video

Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video

Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video   This video  by Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video, is one in which we can see into the heart of our own beautiful Kandee. This video is full of encouragement that life will get better if you are going through a hard time. Life will get better! There is  plan for… Read more →

makeup brushes

Top 5 Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit!

Top 5 Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit! Makeup brushes!! With all different shapes, sizes, and textures for application of all types of make up, you can always find an exact makeup brush for your specific needs. Whether you’re applying foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, concealer, contour, blush, or finishing powder, makeup brushes are the key that can help… Read more →



Beautiful To be thought of as beautiful is something we all long for and would all love to be. Beauty is more than skin deep. Isn’t that the old saying? Pretty is as pretty does. We’ve heard that one too. Yet it seems that there is so much emphasis placed on physical beauty that we girls feel a great deal… Read more →

mineral makeup

Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup Mineral makeup can not only be healthy for the skin, but also have amazing color payoff and blendability! Mineral makeup is often organic or at least natural, so you have less worries about synthetic materials or harsh chemicals seeping into your skin. With pressed mineral powders, loose shadows, metallic shades, and more, mineral makeup can cover all your… Read more →