Perfect Eyeliner

Perfect Eyeliner

eyelinerAh, the pursuit of perfect eyeliner. So may of you have asked about perfect eyeliner, that I feel I need to pursue the options with you. Now, from the question, which is simply, perfect eyeliner, I could assume you are asking what do I think is the perfect eyeliner, or I could assume you want to know how to achieve the perfect eyeliner look. I am going to assume that you are wondering how to apply the perfect eyeliner.


That alluring, sexy, accentuated, eye, staring at us from the page of our favorite magazine, drawing us to to the image of amazing beauty with that perfect eyeliner. Well, let’s be honest, with the images of perfect everything. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect body, perfect teeth, perfect everything. Perfect everything.


Girls, if we are honest, we aren’t only pursuing the perfect eyeliner, we are pursuing total body perfection. Many of you are hurting yourselves with eating disorders and unnecessary cosmetic procedures in the endless and impossible pursuit of body perfection. It is an endless and unfulfilling pursuit, often leading to lack of confidence that can be crippling.


Now, more than ever, we are bombarded by images of perfection. That magazine photo that contains the image of the girl with perfect eyeliner, and perfect everything else, is only an image.   While I am sure that lovely girl in the photo is truly beautiful in real life, her image has been photoshopped into something that only barely resembles her real self. Her features have been altered into someone’s warped idea of true beauty. She was a beautiful woman before the computer guys altered her into something they considered more beautiful. It is that altered image of an already beautiful girl that you feel compelled to emulate. An altered and inhuman image. A computerized image. It’s not real.


Can anyone, even the very girl in the photo, live up to that digital enhancement of the natural beauty she was born to be? Why is it that we have come to accept, embrace, and even try to copy something that isn’t even real? Why do we allow such deceit to negatively influence our own perceptions of ourselves? Why do we allow such things to rob us of our joy? Why do we allow our confidence to be shaken?


Consider all of the professional lighting, and professional makeup and hair artists that are a part of that picture that you are obsessing over. Consider the knowledge the model has of how to catch the light at just the right angle to portray her best image. Consider that her image is then taken and doctored until we almost can’t recognize her when we saw her on the street.


Cindy Crawford, one of the top super models that America has ever had, said in an interview that she can’t even recognize herself in her professional photos. It really bothers her that so much is done to try to make her look more perfect, in an unnatural way. In real life, even Cindy can’t always achieve the perfect eyeliner. She is a human being, just like you and me, and she is perfect. Perfectly flawed. You and I are perfectly flawed. Think on that for a minute.


If we are perfectly flawed, then why must our images be transformed to something that isn’t real? Wouldn’t the pursuit of becoming a better person, more loving, kinder, more caring, be a better driving force? Yes, we should care about our bodies. We should definitely eat well, sleep, exercise, shower, dress, and present ourselves to the best of our abilities. However, the way we look should not define who we are. Perfect eyeliner or not, you are a valuable and gifted person.


Pursue the inner beauty that defines you. Become the best version of yourself. Practice using kind words, develop a strong mind, do things for other people, develop your talents and skills. Think outside of yourself. Look at the big picture. What can you do to make a difference in the lives of those around you? How can you change the world? What are the things that make you excited? Have you found your passion or passions? Now that is a worthy pursuit that will bring you joy instead of taking it away.


Yes, get up put on that perfect eyeliner if that makes you feel like you can tackle the world. But put that eyeliner on for yourself. You don’t need perfect eyeliner in order to embrace and excel in life. You don’t even need it to attract your mate. Makeup was not mentioned by any of the guys we polled in The Top Ten Traits of a Beautiful Woman. Not one mention of outer beauty. You may surprised at the responses we received from a large group of desirable twenty somethings. They are not superficial. Those young men are looking for the woman they want to marry. For the traits of the woman they want to spend their lives with. It has nothing to do with perfect eyeliner.


All that said, perfect eyeliner does beautifully enhance your gorgeous eyes, and knowing that your have done your best to feel strong and attractive can help you feel ready to take on the challenges of your day, and we are here to help. Check out all of our eyeliner articles and tutorials, and we will do our very best to help you find your favorite eye makeup looks. I think I will be skipping eyeliner today, in honor of inner beauty and the pursuit of joy!


Go out and live to the fullest, be all you can be, and enjoy growing and learning!

Happy beautiful life!!!


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