Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Perfect Winged Eyeliner

perfect winged eyelinerOh my goodness, guys, I love this perfect winged eyeliner look! It is so perfectly flawless, light, and glowing, yet romantically alluring. It allows your natural beauty to shine through, yet it accents and beautifully draws attention to your beautiful eyes. You could be the blushing bride, or the bombshell. This eye makeup look is one for the books. I really think you will love how beautiful and sexy it makes you feel, no matter the occasion. It is definitely on our favs list!

The perfect winged eyeliner can be hard to achieve, because, let’s face it, we aren’t all makeup artists. I know, we all have our inner artist, and we talk about using our own creativity, and its’s true!! We can do the things we set our minds to, but some of them take tons of practice! Really most of them. For instance, think of the things you are good at, or that you are getting better at. Perhaps you are a pianist. That takes a lifetime of practice. Or maybe you are on a sports team. Practice. Perhaps you are learning a new language. Anything worth doing takes practice, and the perfect winged eyeliner definitely falls into the takes a lot of practice category for me! Probably for most of us, but the payoff is a gorgeous, alluring eye. If I can do it, believe me, you can too!! The great news is- guys- I found an easier way to create the perfect winged eyeliner look!!!!

How to do a Perfect Winged Eyeliner


Gently apply your favorite primer to the entire eye area to help your makeup stay put.


Apply your favorite skin matching concealer to the entire eye area, creating a flawless palette for your creation.


Apply a beautiful light nude color over entire lid and brow area.

Sweep gorgeous brown/bronze color into the crease of the top eyelid, from the inner corner to just outside the outer edge of the eye.

Using the same color, fill in the outer third of the eyelid, creating a soft v shape. Blend until all of the lines are blurred and the look is soft and subtle.

Set with loose powder.


Add light by applying a shimmering, light powder to the inner corners, brow bone area, and center of the eyelid.


Your brows will share center stage with this perfect winged eyeliner look, so you will want to groom and shape your brows, then fill in with a brunette eye pencil or powder.

Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Dot your eyelid for a perfect look every time.

  • Using your gel eyeliner pen, place a dot at the following points
  • Just above the tear duct
  • Even with  the inner edge of your iris
  • Just above the pupil
  • Even with the outer edge of your iris
  • At the outer edge of your eyelid
  • In the very outer edge of your crease, beginning the upward flick.
  • Even with the outer edge of your brow, just slightly higher than the previous dot.
  • These dots from the shape of the line that you will draw to create your wing.

Connect the dots using two lines

  • Using a felt eye lining pen,draw a thin line connecting the dots, starting at the top points of each dot. This line will not be touching your lash line.
  • Draw a line along you lash line, curving upwards to match the first, so that you  have a double line of the perfect winged liner at this point.
  • Fill in the lines, using the fat part of the pen along the lash line, and then the tip of the pen for the upward flick.

Liquid or Gel Eyeliner to complete the perfect winged eyeliner

  • Take your favorite black liquid or gel eyeliner, and go over the creation you have made, really sharpening the point to your desired look.
  • Clean up any mess with a pointed Q tip dipped into a little makeup remover so that you have a very clean, crisp line.


Prime you lashes

Black Mascara

I love the look just as is, but feel free to amp up the drama with some fake lashes at the outer corner of your own. Always blend them with your natural lashes using mascara.


There you go! I hope you love this perfect winged eyeliner! I am going to wear it to a wedding this weekend. Wish me luck! I wish everything beautiful for you!!

Happy beautiful life!!!



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