Pirate Makeup

Pirate Makeup

pirate makeupYo-ho, Yo-ho, it’s pirate makeup for me… 😉 Ahoy maties! Are ye ready for this pirate  transformation from Kandee Johnson? Who doesn’t love a great Captain Jack Sparrow costume? And who doesn’t love Kandee? Yes me lassies, it turn out even the female types can become a beautiful Jack Sparrow for your next costume party. Start practicing your Captain Sparrow moves and way of talking. If you’re going for it, then go full out, me girls. Get ready to rock the ship and steal the show with your awesome pirate costume!

Kandee’s transformation is spectacular, and she has kindly made this awesome tutorial so that you can actually pull this Jack Sparrow look off as well! One of the best costume ideas on the interwebs! So pull up your boots and get ready to go for the gold! Don’t forget to thank Kandee by subscribing to her channel!

Amazing huh? Here are the instructions for the transformation process.

Pirate Makeup :: Bronzer

  • Apply bronzer to your face and neck to create that nice Jack Sparrow tan.
  • Once dry, top with moisturizer.

Pirate Makeup :: Foundation

You will need two colors of foundation.

  • A foundation that is darker than your natural skin tone.
  • A foundation that is way darker than your skin tone.

Apply the darker foundation to the places the sun would hit to get that tan look that Jack Sparrow had. Apply to the forehead, the nose, top of the cheek, the forehead, eyelids, neck. and ears.

Pirate Makeup :: Contour

You will need a concealer stick that is quite a bit darker than your skin tone.

Use the contour stick to shade the following:

  1. the hollows of the cheekbones
  2. the sides of the nose
  3. the temples of the face
  4. above the chin and below the lower to create a masculine look.
  5. the crease of the eyes

This contouring should give you that Johnny Depp chiseled look:)

Pirate Makeup :: Cream Concealer Palette

  • Take a dark brown cream and blend over the contouring you just finished.
  • Dab a pale concealer over the lip area because he has pale lips.

Pirate Makeup :: Dirty Face Look

Dab a light brow shadow in places to create a dirty face look. Just stipple onto the face with a sponge or a rag.

Pirate Makeup :: Bronze Powder

Create a more sun kissed face by brushing the bronzer along the cheekbones, all the way back to the hairline, over the chin area, and the top and sides of the nose.

Don’t forget just above the eyebrows. This will just give a more natural bronzed sun tan.

Pirate Makeup :: Eyeliner

With your black eyeliner, line the inner rim of your upper and lower eyelids.

Line your top lash line and blend with your finger to create that messy, Jack Sparrow look. Dab and mess up the upper and lower liner to get that smudgy messy look that he had in the movie.

Use a black powder shadow to go over the eyeliner so you look real piraty and dirty :)

Pirate Makeup :: Eyebrows

Jack Sparrow’s eyebrows are very thick and very straight across.

Take medium brown powder shadow. Make your brow look as straight across as possible, and then slightly curve the outer end downward. Create a slightly thick, manly eyebrow.

Time for the Awesome Jack Sparrow Wig!!!

After applying the wig, take chocolate brown shadow and chisel out the cheekbones just to look a bit more Johnny Deppish.

Beard Time!!!!

Prepare to eat some hair yoho!

You will need:

  • A pirate Johnny Depp Sparrow wig and beard set
  • Scissors
  • Spirit gum (found at Halloween or costume stores)

…and this video!!!

Have fun me maties! Go out and live the pirate’s life! For more costume ideas, you might want to go check out Kandee’s Belle Beauty and the Beast transformation!

Be safe, and have fun!

Happy beautiful life!!



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