Prom Makeup for Brown Eyes

Prom Makeup for Brown Eyes

prom makeup for brown eyes, kandee johnsonHey my beauty babes, there are many options for your prom makeup for brown eyes. Prom makeup ideas for brown eyes are easy to come by because you can wear different color combos to bring out the desired dimensions in your gorgeous eye color. You can go with golds, bronze, coppers, greens, purples, earthy browns, blues, and silver. Your eyeliner can be a dramatic black or a rich eggplant. All of these colors are equally flattering so really, you have a wide range of options.

Since prom is a really big event, you may want to start a few weeks early in selecting your prom makeup look, so that you can practice and try it on. That way your prom night can be stress free!  Dreaming of your big night while sitting at your makeup vanity dresser, rather than feeling rushed and frazzled. That’s a win!

You might want to try out your prom makeup for brown eyes to see how it wears and feels after a few hours. Maybe you could try out your makeup for brown eyes while you dance around the house, breaking in your dancing shoes. Your feet will thank you later, and you will thank yourself for knowing before you go. If you are a natural planner, this is easy for you. If you are a procrastinator,or rather a creative free spirit, like so many of us, it’s just a suggestion with a little s. Prom is a time when it will pay to be prepared. Planning ahead is key, so check out our other prom makeup tutorials for other prom makeup ideas you will love!

This prom makeup for brown eyes tutorial is by Kandee and I think this smokey eye with the frosty neutral lip will be gorgeous for your magical evening. Your eyes will take center stage with this beautiful feature focus makeup. The eyes have it, and this dewy, soft, romantic, look will have you feeling like the belle of the ball. Feeling beautiful will help your confidence soprano this exciting night!

*This  tutorial will also be fabulous prom makeup for hazel eyes

Prom Makeup for Brown Eyes – Tutorial

Below the video you will find a list of everything you will need to create this prom makeup look.

Get the Look – things you need


*see how to create a flawless foundation here

Eyeshadow and Highlighter

  • Dewy, creamy highlighter – Kandee used Shell from MAC
  • Light pearly highlighter
  • Golden pearly shimmery eyeshadow color for highlighted base color
  • Bronze/gold eyeshadow color for adding more dimension to highest
  • Golden shimmery eyeshadow color
  • Pearly sparkly eyeshadow color to go on top of the other highlights.
  • Shimmery pinky gold eyeshadow color for illuminating inner corners
  • Light shimmery color for highlights
  • Deep eggplant eyeshadow color


  • Dark brown eyeliner pencil
  • Dark brown eyeshadow color
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Black liquid eyeliner


  • A brown powder color that flatters your coloring


  • Soft lipliner that matches your natural lip color
  • Shimmery gold lipstick and lip gloss


  • Natural bronzer


  • Black mascara

Have fun trying out this Prom Makeup for Brown Eyes!! Have a most magical prom night!! Smile, laugh, and have a blast!

Happy beautiful life!


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