Prom Makeup Ideas

Prom Makeup Ideas

prom makeup ideasIt’s never too early to start working on your prom makeup ideas! Most girls look forward to their prom from the time they are little girls watching all of the older girls shopping and prepping for their big night. Prom is a huge part of your high school experience, and you will want to feel your beautiful best as you head out to celebrate with your friends. You may even have an exciting date, so you will want your look to be just right! We have all kinds of helps for you right here, starting with this awesome prom makeup tutorial from Kandee!

Here is what you will need to build your look step by step with Kandee. Of course, you can make substitutions and use what you have on hand. No need to go buy anything unless you want to. 😉


  • A liquid or cream foundation. It may be heavier than you normally wear, but you want it to look good in all your pics!


  • A cream concealer palette to cover any blemishes, red areas, and eye area.


  • Transluscent powder


  • A light pink powder blush.


prom eye makeup ideas:

  • nude peach color
  • light ivory color
  • lighter ivory color
  • black eyeshadow
  • taupe light grey color
  • light brown color
  • frosty light color peachy from color

*These can serve as prom makeup ideas for green eyes, as well as prom makeup ideas for hazel eyes. Watch another eye makeup tutorial here!


  • black eyeliner pencil


  • black mascara


  • eyeshadow color a couple of shades lighter than your hair color
  • angle brush


  • nude lipliner
  • peachy brown lipliner
  • frosty peach eyeshadow

Fake Eyelashes

  • demi-wispies look more natural
  • eyelash glue

Well, now that you have gathered all of prom makeup essentials, here’s Kandee to give you fun, step by step instructions!

Well, there you have it, beautiful girls – your prom makeup tutorial! Go out and have a wonderful time! Be safe, be pure, be magnificent!

Happy beautiful life!


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