Quinoa Nutrition Carbs

Quinoa Nutrition Carbs

quinoa nutrition carbsIf you’re trying to find out more about quinoa nutrition carbs, then you’re probably interested in eating healthily. Good job! And it turns out that you have stumbled upon one of the most amazing super-foods in the world – quinoa!

Does Quinoa Have Carbs?

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has so many health benefits that it’s going to be hard to fit them in one article. Even though it can serve as a replacement for almost any grain in the world, it’s really a seed. And since you’re wondering – yes, it has carbs; but only the good kind! Most carbs you find in normal American eating establishments will be of the simple type, which basically turn to sugar. Things like white bread, sugar, white rice, fries, pizza crust – those are all mostly simple carbs. Quinoa nutrition carbs are complex and nutrient-rich, so it’s a great low-glycemic choice. Low glycemic is just a way of saying it doesn’t spike your blood sugar when you eat it, which is another reason quinoa is a great choice.

Quinoa Spaghetti Nutrition

If you’re eating a low-carb diet (and not a ZERO carb diet, which is very unhealthy anyway), then you’re going to be eating some carbs at some point every day. And the superfood quinoa is the perfect source for those carbs you actually need. One of my favorite forms of quinoa nutrition carbs is spaghetti. Yep – you can find some really great-tasting quinoa spaghetti noodles at most grocery stores, and it is SO GOOD for you! And when I say great-tasting, I mean this: I very much prefer them over regular spaghetti noodles! And quinoa spaghetti nutrition is so great, that I can indulge in a full plate of spaghetti and not feel bad afterward from so much starchiness in normal spaghetti noodles. It’s also gluten-free!

Quinoa Pasta Nutrition Facts

You can eat quinoa so many different ways, but pasta is definitely the most palatable for people like you & me who have grown up being exposed to delicious Italian food! You can easily find all types of pasta noodles made from quinoa. And quinoa in any form is so healthy, it’s ridiculous. Here are some of the most amazing quinoa nutrition facts that seem almost too good to be true – but they are!

Quinoa Nutrition Facts

  • one of the most nutritious foods on earth
  • rich in proteins
  • strengthens your immune system
  • its complex carbs fill you up and don’t spike your blood sugar
  • promotes low blood pressure with tendency to relax blood vessels
  • helps prevent headaches, and can reduce pain from migraines
  • helps prevent infections though anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • healthy for people with diabetes and atherosclerosis
  • enhances tissue growth & repair
  • natural energy booster via vitamin B2
  • improves cardiovascular health
  • improves digestive health
  • can reduce symptoms of high blood pressure & high cholesterol
  • can reduce symptoms of childhood asthma up to 50%
  • protects you from gallstones
  • lowers risk of type-2 diabetes
  • has strong anti-oxidant properties

Quinoa nutrition carbs are truly the most healthy carbs you can eat, so go get yourself some quinoa! And whether you eat it raw, sprouted, steamed, fried, boiled, canned, or any other way you can dream up, it’s equally amazing and great-tasting. And I promise – if you’ll just try the noodles or the spaghetti, you’re going to come back and find this article to post a “thank-you SO MUCH for telling me about the amazingness of quinoa” comment!

Keep at it people – because you really are what you eat – so let’s be healthy & enjoy life to its fullest!

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