Red Plumped Lips

red plumped lips, kandee johnsonRed Plumped Lips

Tis the season of the red plumped lips. Red hot lips with the look of lip injections are all the rage. Why not try them on for yourself? Those Kylie Jenner lips are everywhere on social media, and it’s no secret that many girls are giving that look a shot. Shot glass that is. The effect is big lips, but the side effects are some serious bruises. If you wanting to get those plumped up lips, let’s talk about the best lip plumpers and the top 5 ways to plump without hurting yourself.

While red plumped lips may be considered alluring, bruised lips may not be oh so kissable. Creating suction to pucker up that pout does work, but it’s best to use a product that is specially made for your lips, and then to use it responsibly. As is using your brain and not hurting yourself. You are an intelligent person after all. Sometimes, though, the pursuit of beauty makes us a little brain dead and we get a little overly ambitious.

I totally get the concept of instant gratification. When I first heard about  lip plumpers, it was all I could do not to grab a shot glass, insert my lips, and create a strong suction. The only thing that held me back was the shocking pictures of young girls with horribly swollen and bruised lips. There were many girls that had created a deeply grooved ring around their mouths. That takes a long time to heal, and is in no way attractive. Seeing those images make my check my enthusiasm and wait until I could actually buy a good product that had great reviews, such as the Liptiful, and then to use it responsibly, aka, following directions.

Following directions is also something that I sometimes, aka always, try to bypass. That’s why I was really happy to run across these two makeup tutorials by Kandee Johnson. They first one taught me how to use a plumping device to get beautifully plumped lips without injections! following kandee’s directions left me with a perfect pucker, bruise free!

The second tutorial helped me paint my newly plumped lips a beautiful red that was perfect for my Christmas parties. It’s so elegant and classy that I felt like Audrey Hepburn. Give it a try and see if you don’t feel like a movie star. Such a beautiful, matte, red velvet lip will have you party ready and at the top of your game. Red plumped lips that oh so perfect! Enjoy!

Fake Lip Injections Hack

This really works and is just a gorgeous lip look. If you use the liptiful carefully like Kandee says, you can have that lip injection look without the pain and expense of real lip injections. Start slowly and build up to your perfect pout without damaging your beautiful mouth. Patience is a very good practice, so go for it! Remember, the lighter and more neutral your lip color, the fuller your lip look.

However, sometimes a girl just has to rock red plumped lips, and lucky Kandee has taken the time to show us how to make a beautiful red velvet look as well. So plump and then paint those lips so you can paint the town!


Red Plumped Lips


There you go! Have fun puckering those red plumped lips, beauties!

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